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Risk management, loyalty for casino operators improve through artificial intelligence

AI is helping casinos better leverage the data they collect to improve the customer experience Casinos, physical and virtual, have collected customer data since they began. However, they haven’t always made the best use of the information they pooled. Part of this was due to a lack of resources, as analyzing massive amounts of traffic

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Online gambling is getting a makeover from virtual reality

Innovation in virtual reality is helping develop a whole new era of iGaming The idea of a virtual reality (VR) casino may have seemed like something only of science fiction movies a few years ago, but it’s curious how often real life follows sci-fi. With artificial intelligence (AI) now taking center stage in a lot

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Online casinos are improving as AI-based data collection increases

Digital-based consumer solutions are being drastically improved through AI Digital is synonymous, in many ways, with data. The more data that’s available, the better the digital solution can be. Artificial intelligence (AI) is able to provide new data streams in ways never before possible, delivering new insights and decision-making tools to help businesses uncover new

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AI and VR to lead iGaming innovation in 2021

The transformation of the online gaming space is going to move faster in the new year 2020 has already seen a lot of advancements in the iGaming space, propelled primarily by the move to more online gaming because of COVID-19. As the market segment continues to evolve, there will be a lot more innovation in

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AI-based marketing is transforming the casino business

Artificial intelligence is helping casinos improve their intelligent marketing strategies More than ever, intelligent marketing strategies are the preferred method of marketers. Digital marketing is the norm and technology is helping revolutionize how companies interact with consumers. As the transition continues to more digital marketing solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a bigger role, and

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Verizon, Entain partner to bring new virtual reality solutions to the gambling industry

The new partnership will facilitate expansion of AI and VR solutions in sports gambling A new partnership between two giants of their respective fields promises to have strong implications for the sports gambling industry. Verizon and Entain have announced an agreement that will facilitate the innovation of new sports gambling products built around artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming developers improve content

As the iGaming industry continues to expand, developers are keeping up thanks to artificial intelligence The iGaming industry is seeing unprecedented growth this year. The industry is now valued at around $45 billion, almost one-third more than it was last year, and expansion doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The industry is becoming more crowded,

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AI is helping online gaming operators clean up social interaction

As iGaming continues to develop, casino operators are getting more functionality from AI tools The iGaming space is developing quickly and is becoming as much a social gathering place as a gambling platform. One of the drawbacks that previously kept some gamblers away was the lack of social interaction, but this has changed significantly in

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Artificial intelligence is taking luck out of gambling

AI solutions are leveling the playing field for gamblers and giving them better chances of winning In more ways than one, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the gaming industry. There are benefits to both casino operators and gamblers, and one of the most important factors that will drive growth is the ability to win. AI

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AI-based behavioral biometrics allow casinos to improve customer relations

The nascent subset of artificial intelligence technology is finding support in the casino industry Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven itself to be a valuable asset to casino operations and now has something else to brag about. Behavioral biometrics is a newer segment of AI innovation that enhances authentication to improve identity protection, and is rapidly

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