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Artificial intelligence is boosting online gaming in a number of ways

Across all gaming operations, companies are benefiting from artificial intelligence innovation The future scenario for the business world foresees technology implemented all over, and it has been slowly taking the main role for a lot of current businesses. Technology can bring improvements in areas such as communication, collaboration and other tasks that are changing the

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New artificial intelligence tools being tested in online gaming to prevent abuse

Online gaming is serving as a testbed for new AI functions New research is focusing on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to be implemented to tackle online abuse and hate speech in a more responsible way. The research is led by Professor Kalina Bontcheva from the university’s Department

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Artificial intelligence to drive online gaming to be an $87-billion industry

Great things are coming to the online gambling space Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to today's industries is a reality, and it will continue to evolve alongside virtually all companies. For the gaming and gambling online industry, it is estimated that the impact will be so significant that the industry will be worth $87.75 billion by

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Virtual reality are quickly changing the online gaming industry

Innovation in online gaming is bringing new features and excitement In the world of business, there are companies that can be favored from the advancement of technology, but others are totally relying on this advancement to take the business to the next level. This is the case for the online gaming and gambling industries that

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Black Fire artificial intelligence research program gets support from Caesars

UNLV and Nutanix Software join Caesars in developing a new innovation research program The development of artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be followed by a period in which the technology can be tested without compromising the well-functioning of a gaming location. Nutanix Software is presenting a new research and technology hub called Black Fire Innovation

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Artificial intelligence-based gaming company moves forward with new appointment

High 5 Games is ready to bring its innovative services to all online operators One of the world's leaders in providing casino games is changing its strategy and has made a new appointment for the role of Vice President Strategy. High 5 announced yesterday that Jesse Cary has been tapped for the position as the

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Konami’s automated casino management system to run the show at Resorts World Las Vegas

Konami has been given exclusivity for its SYNKROS platform The biggest gambling destination in the country is taking a huge step forward to embrace technology and artificial intelligence (AI), bringing them to the casino action. Resorts World Las Vegas (RWLV) is a huge casino facility that is expected to open in Las Vegas next year,

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Scientific Games, Konami continue to lead artificial intelligence innovation for the gaming industry

The leading gaming equipment providers showed off their next generation of possibilities at ICE London two weeks ago Less than two weeks ago, the ICE London took place, and one of the main features of this year’s event was the companies that are now dedicated to technology development through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Innovative Technology shows off virtual reality technology for the gaming industry

The leading AI company participated in the recently-held ICE London expo With the advancement of technology, more people become more interested in the things that artificial intelligence (AI) has accomplished so far. In the recent ICE London that took place last week, the stand from Innovative Technology (ITL) was crowded with a low of visitors

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How artificial intelligence is impacting the casino industry

The next couple of years will bring major changes in casino thanks to advances in artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been present for many years now, but it is not until recent times that many industries are taking a step forward to integrate this rising technology. It is important to understand that AI is

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