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Artificial intelligence teaches gaming, but is now also learning from them, as well

Video games are being used so AI can learn faster Even though artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are making such advancements that are now able to beat humans in competition, they still need to learn how to do everything humans do. It is true that the core of AI is the data processing

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Sony could include new artificial intelligence microtransaction solution in gaming console

The next wave of online gaming is going to usher in a new era of opportunities based on artificial intelligence The artificial intelligence (AI) sector seems to be developing at a fast pace, and, even though it has been present for years, the video game industry can perhaps be considered as the guinea pig of

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Gaming market to see more artificial intelligence innovation with new appointment

Leading technology company SAFR has a new AI specialist One of the experts in the use of video analytics and facial recognition software for security aspects such as surveillance or criminal investigation, was announced as the new addition of the platform SAFR. His name is Eric Hess, and he was appointed to be the new

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Poker players getting behind facial recognition for online games

A recent poll found overwhelming support from players for the inclusion of facial recognition One of the most difficult things to monitor when it comes to online gaming is the process of figuring out if, behind the screen, there is a real person playing, or something else. Online poker has been popular for a while

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AI, cloud gaming are going to change online gaming

The innovation coming to online gaming options is revolutionizing the activity The gaming industry grows hand in hand with technology and has made some impressive advancements. These innovations are changing the approach people have regarding the industry. Although artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are two things that have been present for a while in

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New artificial intelligence algorithm could make gaming fairer

Innovation in artificial intelligence is breakong new grounds in gaming This new era of technology focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology is already starting to redesign the way many industries work, favoring the gaming and gambling industry greatly. Even though AI has gotten to the point that it can beat humans in

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Artificial Intelligence is positively impacting online gambling on several fronts

Innovation is going to forever change how gamblers interact online The future of technology is to be used as leverage to take companies from all sectors to the next level, and, for the gambling landscape, technology is already shaping the industry. In the next decade, even more, changes can be expected but the current focus

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Generational change is fueling artificial intelligence acceptance at casinos

Younger casino patrons are more accepting of the technological advances The older the generation is, the harder it is to welcome new technologies, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done. Rebecca Liggero Fontana of spoke to Robert Rippee, Director of the Hospitality Lab at the International Gaming Institute of the University of

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Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the Las Vegas gambling scene

Technological innovation is making live gambling more attractive to casino patrons By the year 2022, entering a Las Vegas casino is going to be an entirely new experience, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). It is starting to unveil major changes to the way gambling has worked – Imagine being greeted by your name or even

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