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Virtual Reality and Data Analytics come together to help the gaming industry

Using AI to improve data collection is improving how casinos interact with customers We are living in a very interesting time in which emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), offer the potential to reshape every part of society changing the way people do things. Before data analytics, the data was processed manually with the

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Sportradar introduces new AI-based sports gambling product

Simulated Reality gives gamblers an alternative while waiting for sports leagues to return A new product is being introduced to the sports gambling sector that promises to reshape how sportsbooks operate. A global provider of sports content and intelligence is bringing a new product for professional sports matches called Simulated Reality, which is driven by

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Augmented Reality continues to gain ground in online gaming

All forms of artificial intelligence are deeply impacting gaming operations The online gambling industry has been growing exponentially every year and, for the past couple of decades, getting to a point of competing for head to head to land-based casinos for their money. There are many advantages that online gambling offers to its customers, especially

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AI to drive iGaming growth for the next decade

The iGaming industry is in the midst of radical change because of AI Alongside mobile games and social apps, the online gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Its market capitalization began in the early 2000s and by 2019, the industry size was reported at $60 billion. One of the advantages

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The gaming industry is being permanently altered with AI and VR

Virtual reality is turning into a major part of casino operations There are certain industries that are more suitable to become a testing ground for new emerging technologies than others. The gaming industry offers many opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) to continue their development, and these latest technologies have been slowly

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AI becomes an integral part of gambling ops with chatbots, automation

All forms of gambling activity are being improved with the introduction of new customer experience tools One of the biggest changes that artificial intelligence (AI) is working on bringing to the business world is the automation of companies' processes. Especially in the customer service area, automation can bring many benefits through the use of chatbots.

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Casinos are becoming the proving ground for artificial intelligence

Gaming is the perfect place to test new technologies The gaming industry has been serving as the testing field for new rising technologies over the past decades. Several technologies have transcended to other industries after gaming helped to popularize things like smartphones and online assistance, and to launch streaming platforms. The casino gaming industry has

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Artificial intelligence startup ideas that will benefit the gambling industry this year

Innovations in AI are going to change all forms of gambling Artificial intelligence (AI) was born as a technology mostly applied in the gaming sector, which somehow functioned for many years as a lab to test its advances. Since then, AI has been gaining territory finding more applications that can benefit many more industries and

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iGaming giant offers its AI to land-based casinos to overcome coronavirus challenges

Including artificial intelligence and virtual reality can help casinos recover losses The outbreak of the coronavirus has gotten to a point in which social distancing is now a matter of life and death. Therefore, casinos and other nonessential businesses are forced to close while people are encouraged to stay home. The situation has led the

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AI making online gaming more realistic

The iGaming industry is taking action to a whole new level Technology, in some fashion, has been present since the beginning of civilization, and its recent advancements and new discoveries are taking some industries to the next level. Technology as a concept involves scientific knowledge and new applications of it, and the most recent technologies,

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