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Artificial Intelligence makes an appearance to help fight potential money laundering at casinos

Gambling facilities in Canada and elsewhere are employing AI to combat illicit money exchanges One of the ongoing battles between governments and criminals is money laundering. This struggle involves authorities implementing new processes, and criminals finding new ways to get around them. Artificial intelligence (AI) might be the future weapon for not only the authorities,

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Three ways AI and tech innovation are changing casino games

Advances in artificial intelligence and innovation in gaming are driving a better user experience The gambling industry has been in steady growth for the past years and some experts estimate that, by 2023, the online gambling industry will reach $525 billion in revenue. Considering all the factors that could support the industry's growth, the applications

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Casino productivity tools get a boost from ServiceNow’s AI solution

Back-of-house casino operations find support with AI alternatives A company that offers a software service to other companies to enhance productivity has made a big addition to its services, adding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). ServiceNow Inc. is a company that offers automation in different processes that are related to workflow, and it

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New tools are coming to help responsible gaming in the iGaming sector

SkillOnNet. Neccton are ready to take iGaming to a new level Gambling, in general, might be a very profitable business activity, but it is also an addictive one for some people. The gambling industry and all its sectors are growing rapidly, especially with new technologies improving the overall experience for users. For many years, companies

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Risk screening platform serving the gaming industry completes funding round

WorldWatch Plus is delivering AI-based KYC and AML solutions to the gaming community Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to take over daily activities currently handled by humans in the future, and, when that happens, more companies are willing to invest in this rising technology. An AI-based company, WorldWatch Plus, is dedicated to providing a platform

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Innovative Technology Americas helping to change the online gaming industry through AI

The technology company is introducing revolutionary AI features to gaming Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reaching more markets and starting to offer new ways of doing business to diverse sectors. The gaming industry, especially casinos - online or physical locations - are already working together with AI to improve the overall experience for their customers, as

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Virtual reality is going to change casino gaming for the better

Different forms of artificial intelligence are shaping how gaming is presented to consumers There are many technologies rising that are starting to become mainstream in diverse markets, and with projections to grow even bigger, just as virtual reality (VR). This is a concept that has been in development in recent times and, even though it

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Are virtual reality robots going to start cleaning casino bathrooms?

A New York startup wants to introduce autonomous robots to clean bathrooms in casinos Technology will continue to pave its own way to enter many more industries in the coming years, with rising companies presenting new applications of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify day to day tasks. A startup based in New York

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YouTube-backed eSports startup to employ DataRobot’s artificial intelligence solution

GreenPark Sports has huge plans for AI-based sports programs The video game industry has been at the center of the artificial intelligence (AI) development, functioning as a training camp for many of its applications since the beginning of this technology. Most video games and eSports companies are now looking into ways of integrating AI into

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Artificial intelligence in online gaming continues to spread across operating segments

Online gaming is passing through a revolutionary period of advancement because of AI There already several different industries from many origins attempting to bring artificial intelligence (AI) technology to favor companies. And, while others are only starting the process of figuring out the improvement possibilities that come from applying this technology, the online gambling industry,

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