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The VR Casino could be the future of gaming

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, a switch to AI-driven gaming was taking place This is the best time for online casino operators to show gamblers what they can offer, given that most gambling venues across the world continue to be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since the online gambling industry began its efforts to

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The coronavirus is serving as an impetus for change as the casino industry adapts more AI solutions

Physical and online gaming will never be the same after operations resume post-COVID-19 The last few years have seen emerging technologies gradually taking a more relevant role within many industries, but the current crisis created by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic is helping to accelerate the implementation of these technologies even faster. The gambling

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AI hits Human Resources efforts in the gaming industry

AI isn’t just for gaming operations as back-office operations can benefit just as easily The future of technology brings all kinds of changes ahead promoted by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday tasks. Slowly but consistently, emerging companies are presenting solutions that are disrupting several functionalities inside of companies that are, as a

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AI-based “cooling off” applications help gamblers control their actions

Sportsbooks are incorporating AI-based products to help gamblers protect themselves For years, technology companies have been at the service of casino operators creating tools to improve revenue but to ensure compliance, as well. Most gambling venues have their own policies when it comes to responsible gambling, and it has been one of the most difficult

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Virtual reality continues further integration into the gaming space

A look at where gaming will be ten years from now shows a completely different market The online gaming space has an impressive ability to adapt to what users are expecting. It started with the first online casinos that began to emerge in the middle of '90s decade, to the next steps, which was installing

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The leading innovations seen in the online casino gambling industry

The next generation of gambling is going to be light years ahead of what is seen now The gaming industry has been an ambitious one, and the final goal has always been to deliver the most exciting experience to gamblers. Over the last several decades, the gaming operators have been at the front of new

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Gaming Analytics provides a response to how the coronavirus is impacting online gaming

The artificial intelligence product manufacturer introduces a new tool to help the gaming industry As artificial intelligence (AI) expands its reach, more functions are becoming useful, even to other sectors or even to deal with emergencies like the one the world is going through right now. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the last couple of months

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AI is helping to prevent colluding in online gaming

It’s becoming more difficult for online gamers to try to game the system Online gaming is a billion-dollar industry that is currently booming, leading operators in the industry to start competing more evenly with the big live gambling venues. So far, it has done an outstanding job. However, it comes with a few challenges to

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Google’s Stadia platform to revolutionize the online gaming experience

The artificial intelligence capabilities of Google will lead to a new era of online gaming After Google announced that it would take its prices down for its recently-launched gaming platform Google Stadia for three months, it is taking advantage of this promotion to show users how new gaming experiences will be revolutionized with its technology.

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New increased energy efficiency to drive smart computer development for the gaming industry

The innovation will facilitate the inclusion of AI in a wider range of gaming-related equipment As a result of emerging technologies dedicated to processing massive amounts of data, there is an increased demand for energy so smart computers can function efficiently. The current infrastructure that powers computers worked fine until things like artificial intelligence (AI),

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