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AI is making online gaming more relevant than traditional casinos

There are a multitude of advantages to online gaming, all enhanced with artificial intelligence Ever since its origins gaming and gambling have offered something special to their customers that haven't been replaced by any other industry in the past. The old saloons and parlors evolved into huge palaces that people know today as casinos, which

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Real-world applications of artificial intelligence for the online gaming industry

Online gaming is evolving rapidly with the help of AI solutions People have been using basic applications of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered devices for quite some time now; prime examples include Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa. AI has gained so much ground that companies are starting to explore in which other areas this technology can bring

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AI and its benefits on the gaming industry

The coronavirus is fast-tracking AI advancements for gambling action Many sectors of the online gaming industry are being enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), with many more to come in the near future. Technology has held hands with the sector ever since its beginnings, with video games offering ideal testing fields for computer-controlled opponents that were

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The gaming industry receives an analytical boost from artificial intelligence

Machine learning is helping casinos provide better analysis of gambling activity Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for quite a while, but it is not until now that people across the globe are starting to engage in more serious conversations about the reach of this technology. By the looks of it, AI has come to

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AI is being used in casinos to identify gambling trends

Casinos can now respond more accurately and more quickly to gamblers’ individual habits For the last couple of years, more casinos have started to implement artificial intelligence (AI) features into their operations. The development of this technology has allowed new functionalities that are in the process of revolutionizing the gambling industry. It is already known

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AI-driven virtual sports is filling the sports gambling void left by the coronavirus

More virtual sports alternatives are being developed thanks to advances in AI If a global pandemic would have hit the world in the same way the coronavirus is impacting the world right now, without the current advancement of technology, it would have been even harder to face. During this self-isolation period, technology has been capable

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Artificial intelligence enters casino kitchens to help with food waste

Innovation is finding another useful target as it saves casinos money in the kitchen Food waste is a global issue. Most foodservice operations work in a rushed environment, working under pressure and making sure the quota is met while assuring good quality food. Millions of dollars are wasted by food services every year and, with

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Augmented reality finds success in online casinos to improve the customer experience

The gaming ecosystem is being revolutionized through AI and other innovation The convenience and easy access that the online gambling scene has is turning this activity into a very profitable one. Online casinos are starting to compete at the same level as land-based casinos with the help of all the technological advances, and it won't

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AI and 3D come together to shape construction and design of casinos

Through AI innovation, virtual reality is changing how new commercial real estate is launched Artificial intelligence (AI) will be gradually entering a variety of industries during this next decade, as innovation has been boosting the commercial real estate (CRE) business. It is expected that AI reshapes the way many daily activities are performed, both internal

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Artificial intelligence to become a larger part of gaming operations this year

The gaming industry is going to find itself diving deeper into AI and VR to improve the customer experience The upcoming '20s decade promises to bring impressive technology advancements that will reshape the way people do certain things, if not everything. Left behind will be the times where petroleum and combustion engines were ruling the

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