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Social media gambling arrives with help from AI

Artificial intelligence continues to become an integral part of online gaming The growth that the iGaming industry has been going through during the last couple of years has been influenced by several factors. One of the main reasons is the constant advancement of technology that is allowing operators to offer unique experiences for gamblers; innovation

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new AI-driven gambling app will make choosing winners easier

An app designed for horseracing gambling fans uses artificial intelligence to improve selections Residents of Ontario are about to test a new sports wagering app that is empowered by artificial intelligence (AI). Woodbine Entertainment is about to unveil an entirely new experience in the gambling industry through its new app with the name of Dark

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AI, facial recognition are going to reshape physical casino operations

The casinos of yesterday will soon be replaced completely by new technology The gambling industry handles large amounts of cash every day; therefore, creating a safe and secure environment for the company while maintaining visitors as a priority. Over a hundred casino executives, industry analysts and lawyers came together last Friday at the UNLV Boyd

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Online casino security gets an upgrade thanks to AI

Artificial intelligence is helping online gaming sites protect their users better Eliminating vulnerabilities is the main goal of any platform that stores user data. For many years, online gambling sites have been using different ways to deal with those security issues that can harm the business, with technology playing a more important role than ever.

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Online gambling trends that are going to rewrite virtual gaming

The introduction of artificial intelligence into gambling is impacting every aspect of the industry The online gambling scene has been booming in recent years and is always keeping a tone of innovation in every new service it adds to the market. Online gaming companies are making good use of emerging technologies and procedures to offer

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AI, cryptocurrency will drive online gambling’s future

iGaming will be built around digital currency and AI solutions As time passes and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) continue to develop, more parts of society are being connected thanks to these innovations. AI has found a stable home in the online gambling industry, which has been open, since its beginnings, to embracing new

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The future of online gambling comes through AI

Artificial intelligence is quickly advancing and will forever alter the online gaming scene For most people, artificial intelligence (AI) is still a new technology and it can be confusing to think where it is heading, given the fact that it can set roots on virtually every corner of the society. While many industries are still

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AI is helping the gambling industry create better marketing

The innovation seen in the AI space is causing positive disruptions in the gaming space The gambling industry is known for taking advantage of emerging customer trends and innovative technologies, which has led some land-based operators to make a smooth switch to the digital world. Even though artificial intelligence (AI) features have been in use

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2020 is going to be the year of technology for casinos

The casino industry is going to undergo changes this year unlike anything seen before The gambling industry has been at the center of technological developments in recent years, especially with the boom of online gaming. Emerging technologies are finding testing grounds in online casinos, which are always in fierce competition to attract more customers. One

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Casinos turn to AI to analyze jackpots

The use of AI for all aspects of the gambling scene is becoming more common The advancement of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is helping the gaming industry to make giant steps forward as people become more interested in playing at online gaming venues. Most users turning to digital grounds don’t want to waste

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