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AI, non-cash payments to drive future casino development

COVID-19 is forcing the casino industry to introduce changes quicker than anticipated Most industries in the world have been impacted in recent times by technological advancements, and the casino industry is no exception. Regardless of the professional and economical level, high-tech and fancy casinos are popular among most people, with online casinos getting more attention

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AI solution can identify assault weapons in casinos

New technology allows casinos to offer a safer environment For some people, a gambling venue that invests a lot of resources in enhancing security can tend to hamper the guest experience. However, a leader in retail software and technology, VSBLTY, is trying to change that perception through the newest software and analytics devices it has

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AI-based virtual assistants can help increase customer engagement

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and can help casinos improve their customer interaction One of the features that artificial intelligence (AI) has brought to the daily routines of a lot of people is virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa or Google's assistant. During recent years, the use of this AI-powered software has been gaining popularity and

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AI could be the best response to combat problem gambling

Artificial intelligence makes it easier to protect gamblers from themselves There are plenty of resources available to help gamblers control their urge to gamble. Gaming operators have implemented many features like limits on deposits, time outs and self-exclusion to reduce the harm that gambling addiction can bring a person. However, these tools are often not

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Why incorporating AI into gaming operations is important for business

AI can help casinos and gaming operators drastically improve their operations Now, more than ever, it is imperative that casinos and gaming businesses look for alternative ways to improve profitability, especially after the coronavirus pandemic changing normal business operations. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a mainstream technology because it is helping companies simplify different parts

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Using AI to enhance the gaming experience

AI has quickly become an integral part of all aspects of land-based and online gaming Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to the point where it is a powerful tool to enhance any business, whether it be eSports, multiplayer gaming or even iGaming. Examples of AI can be seen in many applications like robotics, banking, video

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Augmented and virtual reality are changing the gambling experience

AI is bringing about the next evolutionary step of the gaming industry The online gaming industry is in constant evolution. This industry is competing at the same level as land-based casinos, and the number of virtual casinos entering the market keeps growing. The main resource that has allowed the online gambling scene to gain more

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AI-based predictions platform emerges for the sports gambling market

Sports gambling enthusiasts now have the power of AI to make better selections The sports gambling industry now has a new tool that can create unique player prop bets using artificial intelligence (AI). One of the industry leaders in AI applied to sports, STATS, has officially announced its new STATS VQ platform, which uses collected

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AI chatbots are helping visitors in Las Vegas

Artificial intelligence and chatbots aren’t just for online gaming The biggest and most popular city in the world for gambling, Las Vegas, has been introducing artificial intelligence (AI) devices in some locations across town to help the visitors. There is a chatbot located at Miracle Mile Shops that has been active for more than a

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AI is transforming all aspects of online gaming and eSports

AI is now an embedded component of iGaming and eSports The past decade gave space for two major industries to grow even bigger: eSports and online casinos. Thanks to technological advancements, these two industries have shown the most significant developments among operators in the entertainment industry. Like everything that is new, both industries had a

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