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New IBM-created AI tool can help casinos improve their marketing efforts

WAST can help casinos and other businesses improve their branding activity through influencers IBM has been working on an artificial intelligence-based tool called Watson Advertising Social Targeting (Watson), which was described as "a new solution that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to help brands identify influencers that best align with their brand values." The tech giant

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New AI-based biometrics solution can keep casinos protected from COVID-19

From thermal imaging to facial recognition, AI-based biometrics is expanding in the casino space In recent years, access control technologies are using biometric features, such as fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities, which are widely seen in devices for daily use like smartphones. From there, the technology has continued to be upgraded by adding other biometric

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AI is converting slot machine operations for casinos

Incorporating artificial intelligence into slot machines helps casinos improve business operations More than a threatening term, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a synonym of innovation across many industries, particularly for casinos that have been getting reshaped by new implementations based on AI. AI has been proven to be able to change the way slot machines

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Self-service tech powered by AI is gaining popularity in Vegas casinos

As coronavirus concerns linger, casinos are looking to rebound with fewer live employees The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has been quite a catalyst for expediting several aspects of society that were already in development, such as the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). What was happening at a slow, steady pace is now being implemented

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New facial recognition tool comes to the gaming industry

Online and live casinos are rapidly adopting AI technology to improve their operations The online gaming market is growing at a fast pace and in response to a growing market, more companies are developing technological tools to better serve the industry. Innovative Technology (ITL) recently released an Application Programming Interface (API) alternative to its proprietary

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Why AI is a must for gaming operators

Not only is AI encroaching on all industries, it’s becoming a primary component Even if it is still an emerging technology, the significant advancements artificial intelligence (AI) has brought to the gambling industry are so many that it's becoming a must for any operator to make use of these fantastic tools. There are key factors

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Initiative between Intel and Black Fire Innovation can advance gaming through AI

Cutting-edge AI solutions for the gaming and hospitality industries will push them lightyears ahead The Black Fire Innovation facility in Las Vegas is about to receive a major collaboration from one of the leaders in the technology and computing industry, Intel. This facility was created to provide a space where innovations to the hospitality, gaming

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Online gaming, eSports are revolutionizing the gaming industry through artificial intelligence

The world of gambling is going to be completely different five years from now due to AI eSports and online casino gaming were once unknown industries with minor successes, but, in the past few years, both sectors have become multi-billion-dollar industries expanding across the globe. One of the main reasons behind the whopping growth experienced

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Maria Konnikova on how poker shows the limits of artificial intelligence

The psychologist-turned-author-turned poker player has a discussion with the creator of Libratus In a piece written by Russian-American writer, psychologist and poker player Maria Konnikova, she shares what she learned from an interview with Tuomas Sandholm, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, regarding poker and artificial intelligence (AI) and its limits. As a game

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iGaming operator Jade Entertainment enters partnership with AI developer

The new arrangement will see more AI-based content come to Jade’s platform A new partnership between an iGaming operator and an artificial intelligence (AI) development company will expand AI offerings through a new distribution deal. nQube Data Science, which is dedicated to AI solutions, just announced a new deal with Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies.

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