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The gaming industry gets a boost as use of AI in customer service doubles in two years

The use of AI-enabled customer service tools continues to increase dramatically One of the areas of industry operations in which artificial intelligence (AI) has been seen the most is customer interactions, which is evident in the popularity of smart assistants like Siri or Alexa, as well as companies that have chatbots upfront to assist with

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Machine learning could help give players an edge over the house

Using AI can help gamblers make smarter choices in online gaming Every time a topic related to artificial intelligence (AI) in gambling venues and sites is brought to light, usually, the focus is on what it can do for operators to improve their service and operations. However, the essential component of the business, the gamblers,

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How machine learning is helping casinos market better

From improved scoring to more personalization, casino marketing is enhanced through AI Technological advancements have been changing the ways of the world since the beginning of times, but it is something that becomes more evident during this technological era. To this point, every area of the industry is either already been transformed - or about

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Artificial intelligence is increasing its role in online casinos

The incorporation of AI solutions in online gaming is providing new solutions to old problems Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a new way to enhance most aspects of our lives and it is already taking over the world. All kinds of industries, such as including healthcare, finance and gambling, are integrating AI-based technologies to

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Machine learning is improving responsible gambling oversight

AI-based tools are making it easier for regulators and authorities to offer assistance The market for online and mobile gaming operators is in constant evolution and changing at a rapid pace. The growing popularity of new technologies like augmented and virtual reality has most operators working hard on bringing technological innovations to attract and retain

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AI can help online casinos process KYC requirements more efficiently

Regulations regarding customer identification in online casinos can benefit from AI implementation Most online casinos follow complex Know Your Customer (KYC) systems to comply with the requirements of local and international regulatory agencies. The online gambling industry has made a great effort to integrate this process into its operations to help fight the bad image

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AI being used to identify problem gamblers through facial recognition

Advanced artificial intelligence can understand if someone could be addicted to gambling Casinos have been early adopters of technological advancements, particularly of facial recognition technology. Now, casinos might be looking into the next level of on-site security with a new tool presented by artificial intelligence (AI) company Human. The company has announced that they developed

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New AI robot could help casinos keep clean and virus-free

AI is smart enough now to be used to combat COVID-19 Many casinos across the country are reopening their doors amid the new conditions forced by the coronavirus pandemic. The new normal includes exhaustive cleaning and health protocols for both visitors and workers. Land-based casinos profit from mass gatherings and large flows of people, and

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Artificial intelligence is giving casinos a bigger edge

AI can help casinos and gaming operators get better odds in their activity One of the biggest impacts that artificial intelligence (AI) is having in today's online gaming industry is the ability to accurately predict people's behavior. AI, along with data analytics, is giving casinos a more accurate forecast to even the most uncertain events

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AI and quantum computing will lead to better casinos

Faster, smarter computers integrated with AI will improve the gambling experience Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of those technologies that, along with other advancements, can define and change the course of mainstream technologies. The emergence of things like the Internet of Things (IoT), semiconductors made of new materials and quantum computing are rapidly growing and

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