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Online gaming operators can improve their marketing efforts with new AI tools

Mailchimp is bringing in AI to help marketers make easier work of their activity The online gambling industry is quite large, but it is also a very competitive one; therefore, the operators who are finding success in the industry have a special focus on marketing strategies. These efforts involve the implementation of well-designed strategies and

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How algorithms are improving the sports gambling market

Artificial intelligence-based computer algorithms are giving oddsmakers better data The basis of artificial intelligence (AI) is carefully thought-out algorithms that can teach machines to do virtually anything. Algorithms are not a new thing and they have been taking over multiple tasks from the simplest ones to more complicated ones like self-driving cars. In the gambling

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Facial recognition is here to stay in online gambling

More iGaming sites are adopting facial recognition to adhere with regulatory policies The technological advancements made by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) so far are enough to allow online gambling operations to start using facial recognition (FR) in their operations. However, the implementation does not only depend on the reach of the technology itself

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Artificial intelligence is helping casinos tackle food and beverage operations

AI can help casinos cut F&B costs and improve sanitation Many areas of a casino operation are starting to embrace the future through the integration of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). One of the latest areas in which AI has been making an impact is the food and beverage (F&B) area, where it can

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Casinos are becoming more profitable thanks to artificial intelligence

Casinos can take advantage of advanced AI solutions to improve their bottom lines One of the particularities of the casino industry is that it has the capacity to generate impressive amounts of data in a matter of seconds. So far, operators have been using this data to figure out patterns and specific moves from their

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Playtech introduces AI-based tools to improve the gambling space

The casino tech company has teamed up with the Responsible Gambling Council on safer gambling Gambling technology company Playtech, which provides products to online casinos around the world, wants to make the gambling space safer. It has announced a new collaborative effort with the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) that will see it incorporate solutions based

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How casinos are improving back-office operations through artificial intelligence

Behind the scenes, physical and online casinos are adopting AI to make ops run smoother In terms of what technology has the greatest, broadest impact on business operations, artificial intelligence (AI) is inarguably the hands-down winner. It can be incorporated into virtually any aspect of the business, making processes run more smoothly and efficiently than

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Americas Cardroom continues to win the war on bots

Poker is more than just a game of skill. It's a highly social pastime that's equal parts rivalry and comradery. Success at the tables takes more than just knowing the odds. To truly prosper, you'll need patience, stamina, and an appetite for what amounts to psychological warfare. Ultimately, poker is as much about knowing how

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AI-based facial recognition is providing better casino security

Some may oppose the idea, but facial recognition has a legitimate place in keeping casinos safe Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition are being used by major casino operators across the globe, mainly to help them quickly identify a person that should not be there, although it has plenty of other functionalities,

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AI chatbots could greatly help the casino industry

Expect the customer experience to have a completely different feel in the future Considering the many functionalities artificial intelligence (AI) has, it is clear that it has come to help humans to simplify time-intensive, complicated tasks that have been done by humans throughout history. Even if the integration of AI is still on its infancy,

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