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Artificial intelligence is helping casinos make gambling safer

AI is helping casinos identify cheaters more quickly and introduce better responsible gaming solutions Being able to protect its assets is an implicit responsibility of any company, and casinos are always looking to find ways to improve their security. This not only helps them save money, but it can also lead to an improved customer

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AI is helping casinos market better during the holidays

Marketing during the holidays is always a monumental task, but artificial intelligence is making it simpler The entire marketing segment is going through an overhaul this year, mostly brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Almost three-quarters of marketers have acknowledged that their current-year marketing plans have had to be adjusted from their original layouts

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AI and VR will make land-based casinos more accessible in the future

AI innovation isn’t just for online casinos, as more land-based operators are learning The stage has been set for an entirely different gambling industry going forward. Artificial intelligence (AI) has already helped online casinos introduce more options to users and provide better security, but the innovation isn’t found only in the online segment. As AI

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Artificial intelligence can help casinos detect malicious attacks

A new tool developed in part by Raytheon can benefit online gaming operators It’s no secret that there are certain limitations associated with Internet operations, and that there is always the threat of a malicious attack. These attacks may come as a dedicated denial of service (DDOS) attack, which prevents access to a site by

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Artificial intelligence robots are becoming dealers in casinos

Advanced technology is giving casino operators more security and accuracy The gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries around the world. In spite of the COVID-19 setback, it is still advancing at an exponential rate and bringing in new technologies to help with a transitioning environment. Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been closely watched

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Artificial intelligence is helping online casino marketers focus better on customer service

AI gives casinos the ability to provide individually-targeted marketing solutions that drive growth Without marketing, no business will gain traction. It’s a necessary expense that provides concrete results, but which can also be troublesome at times. The ability to identify target markets and advertise to their specific needs is a challenge, especially as consumer preferences

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Artificial intelligence to lead online gaming as the preferred choice among gamblers

The rapid inclusion of AI in online casinos and virtual gambling has become the catalyst for greater adoption Online gaming was already on its way to becoming a strong competitor to brick-and-mortar casinos, but it has gained a strong advantage due to artificial intelligence (AI). There are a number of reasons why this has been

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In-play sports gambling gets a boost from artificial intelligence

AI is making it easier for sportsbooks to enhance their in-play gambling options Artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to offer a number of enhancements to different industries that would otherwise be completely impossible to consider. Nowhere is this more evident than in the gambling industry, where AI has now become a regular part of

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AI-based virtual reality is helping online casinos offer a more robust experience

Next-generation casinos are offering next-generation experiences When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) integration, online casinos might very well be leading the way. In virtually all aspects of the online gaming experience, AI is helping iGaming operators get an edge and produce better results for both the company and the gamer. As online casinos compete

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New Mississippi casino to invest heavily in artificial intelligence

The UMUSIC Broadwater will incorporate a huge amount of AI to improve the customer experience The UMUSIC Broadwater is a hotel and casino planned for Biloxi, MS. Behind the venture is a $1.2-billion project that promises to bring an entirely new vision to the area. Included in that vision is technology that has started to

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