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Casinos are using artificial intelligence to add real value to customers

New AI solutions give casinos the ability to target the individual consumer, not just the group Over the years, consumers have begun to feel as though they were nothing more than a number or a statistic to companies. The business industry has lost the personal touch that consumers want, but things are beginning to change.

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Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics drive iGaming growth

The online gaming industry is synonymous with technological innovation Predictive analytics is not a new concept – it’s been used for decades, especially in the gaming industry. However, the advancements seen in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) is taking it to an entirely new level, and the iGaming industry is prepared to take full

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New AI tool could help casinos drive sales through conversation

Marchex has developed a new marketing solution that facilitates brand interaction through AI Marketing just received a major upgrade. Marchex, a publicly-traded conversational analytics and solutions company, has introduced a new marketing solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easier for marketers to fulfill their goals. Marchex Marketing Edge (MME) facilitates the correlation

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DeepStack’s deep-learning artificial intelligence gave intuition to computer algorithms

Thanks to Michael Bowing and other scientists, DeepStack has shown the capabilities of artificial intelligence By now, most people have heard of DeepStack, the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that taught itself to win at poker. Not only did it win, but, in a very short time, became more prolific at the game than some players

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How DeepStack changed the gaming paradigm

The artificial intelligence algorithm’s capabilities are rewriting gaming development DeepStack, the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, did something most poker players only dream of doing – beating some of the best players in the world. Just like the rest of us, DeepStack had to learn how to play the game first, but DeepStack had a secret

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How DeepStack is redefining artificial intelligence in gaming

The AI solution has already proven that it can beat some of the best poker players in the industry Artificial intelligence (AI) may have seemed something more futuristic than realistic just a few short years ago, but it has evolved significantly since then. Teams of experts around the world have been diligently advancing the technology

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PokerStars crackdown on illegal bots, cheating leads to millions returned to players

The poker site is working diligently to ensure all players have a fair and level playing field Virtually anything can be used for good or bad purposes, depending on who’s in control. The same goes for artificial intelligence (AI), which has made huge strides in its capabilities over the past several years. Just as there

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Vegas casinos are turning on artificial intelligence to fight increased violence

AI is providing enhanced security for Vegas casinos as they look for ways to reduce rampant violence Over the past couple of months, Las Vegas has seen more violence than it is accustomed to. This has already led to increased security at casinos and more police officers on the streets, but there is still more

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Understanding poker bots and how PokerStars is using AI to stop them

Artificial intelligence is giving PokerStars greater ability to prevent illegal bots For as long as the Internet has been around, there have been individuals intent on breaking it. It’s simply in their misguided nature to believe that rules don’t apply, and Internet security has been at the forefront of all online operations since even before

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Artificial intelligence is creating better rules and conditions for online casinos

The analytics technology provided by AI is giving online casinos greater customer-focused capabilities Artificial intelligence (AI) is unrivaled in the ability to process large amounts of data and analyze it in real-time to provide usable solutions. It is now progressing across all mainstream industries and, with the rise in popularity of online casinos, AI is

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