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Gaming operators receive new digital marketing tools from Oracle

The software giant has introduced new AI solutions that will enable better marketing Oracle offers a database management tool, mainly used by large companies to control and manage a large amount of content from a single file. A convenient tool to use, as it is very intuitive. However, this seems not to be the only

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators improve their bonuses

Online casinos can provide more intelligent bonuses through the use of AI Online casinos disseminate bonuses among their users, but never endure losses from the initiatives. Numerous iGaming operators offer liberal bonuses to new clients; for example, users can receive $10 just for opening an account. The top platforms incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their

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iGaming operators are using artificial intelligence to comply with AML regulations

Ensuring compliance can save operators millions of dollars, and AI is helping It is well known that complying with anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations is not an easy task to achieve, especially in an industry where a lot of money is moved on a daily basis, such as iGaming. This constant challenge has caused

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Combining artificial intelligence with automation gives iGaming operators more security

iGaming operators are strengthening their defenses with artificial intelligence There is no doubt that one of the greatest fears of iGaming operators is becoming the victim of a cyber-attack. Unfortunately, cyberattack rates have not gone down in recent months and this has the iGaming industry quite worried. With the implementation of technologies such as artificial

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Digital marketing and the iGaming customer experience are benefiting from artificial intelligence

iGaming operators can significantly improve their customer relationships with AI It is true that artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated all sectors: economics, sports, healthcare. But it can also help greatly in marketing strategies and customer service in the iGaming industry. This is a fact thanks to its ability to interact with the consumer in a

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Jada Gaming is using artificial intelligence to ease the iGaming industry’s “system struggles”

AI allows gaming operators to have better control over product rollout to enhance the user experience Jada Gaming was created with the purpose of providing a solution to a number of systemic struggles that the iGaming industry faces today. Josh Tromans-Jones, Jada's CTO, participated in an interview with SBC News to further explain why the

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Grand Sierra Resort in Vegas adopts AI solutions to improve operations

The casino is using artificial intelligence to improve its marketing and floor activity Efforts to improve marketing and casino operations have always been a challenge in the gaming industry. However, thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), many casinos have been able to move forward and improve the way they operate. Grand Sierra Resort

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators with their compliance concerns

With sensitive regulatory issues always a concern, iGaming operators turn to AI to help Being able to follow all the compliances to the fullest has become a fundamental role in everything related to the iGaming industry. Many online casinos strive to identify and mitigate various risks through communication channels, including fraud, phishing and more. A

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Gaming operators are now using AI to support their diversity initiatives

Diversity and inclusion are important to gaming operators, and AI improves their response Building trust in artificial intelligence (AI) systems is a prerequisite for adoption to ensure the growth of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), especially in an era where all three have become more important than ever. Many marketers have decided to embrace DEI

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iGaming operators are increasingly using artificial intelligence to secure new customers

Artificial intelligence helps iGaming operators attract and hold onto customers longer There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that we have heard a lot about in recent months. Whenever there is talk of innovation and new ways of creating business, the topic is present. In the iGaming industry, many operators

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