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Online casinos are making the best of artificial intelligence for SEO

AI-based marketing solutions are proving to give online casinos a greater advantage Marketing is a necessary function for any business that wants to succeed. Many companies feel that it’s too expensive to market their products or services, but the reality is that it’s too expensive not to market. Where competition is heavy, such as the

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Casinos make the most of artificial intelligence to keep games fair

AI is giving casino operators the ability to keep the playing field level for everyone The casino industry is worth millions of dollars every week, with greater potential coming as online gaming becomes more prevalent. While physical casinos became very experienced in identifying possible cheating, the same tactics used in brick-and-mortar properties cannot be utilized

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Online casinos continue to develop new AI solutions for everyday operations

Artificial intelligence is becoming the primary foundation upon which most iGaming operators build First, there were land-based casinos and then, almost as quickly as the Internet exploded, online casinos were introduced. However, these remained stagnant for years as they waited for technology to catch up. That is now happening and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming

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New guidelines for AI in gambling could be on the way

A Finnish gaming company has put together what could be the first set of policies for AI in iGaming The online casino segment has rapidly embraced artificial intelligence (AI), incorporating its myriad of efficiencies and capabilities into all aspects of operations. However, there has been discussion about the use of AI in gaming, particularly, due

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Online casinos are combining human and artificial intelligence for better security

Artificial intelligence and human intelligence merge to increase cybersecurity for iGaming platforms Cybersecurity has made huge improvements over the past several years, in no small part to the introduction of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Online platforms that are required to maximize their security efforts, such as virtual casinos, have been able to

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The difference between AR and VR in casino applications

The artificial intelligence-based technologies are becoming integral components of online casinos For years, the technology behind augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) was only advancing at a slow pace. However, that has changed recently as the fundamental driver of their capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), has improved. The enhancements seen over the past two years

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Artificial intelligence is the future of casino safety management

Physical and virtual casinos are quickly adapting AI solutions to fuel better casino safety It can be said that artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept that is limited to enjoying a luxury status in business. All types of industries are embracing the technology to provide assistance in a number of applications and the

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Online betting segments continue to be enhanced through artificial intelligence

AI is going to allow new forms of gambling that currently cannot be offered The gambling industry has already seen a lot of improvements through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), but the technology is just now finding its place. Within the next couple of years, as AI improves and becomes more robust, it will

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Casino chatbots continue to improve with the help of artificial intelligence

Advanced chatbots are propelling online casino growth and improving the user experience Almost every consumer has had an experience with an eCommerce platform’s chatbot that left something to be desired. At first, they were clunky and difficult to work with, but artificial intelligence (AI) has delivered a chatbot solution that is well beyond the capabilities

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Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are rewriting the book on iGaming marketing

Digital marketing in the online casino space is rapidly changing as AI and VR continue to expand Virtual reality (VR) has improved dramatically over the past couple of years, driven by innovation in the artificial intelligence (AI) market. This has led to changes in how many industries operate, including the casino industry. The iGaming segment

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