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AI is helping online casinos take better advantage of data analytics

AI-based operations by casinos is giving them greater capabilities to meet consumer demand Last year was an unprecedented year for modern business, with no one prepared to face the mammoth-sized challenge that COVID-19 delivered. However, as detrimental as the global pandemic has been for all industries, some good has come out of the situation. Artificial

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AI-driven touchless security comes to live casinos

Artificial intelligence-based security screening at casinos is safer and more efficient The need to keep casino patrons safe at all times is a major challenge for casinos, especially following the deadly attack by Stephen Craig Paddock from the Mandalay Bay in 2017. However, scanning every person that visits a casino or a resort would be

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iGaming operators can easily monitor social media ads using artificial intelligence

It’s easier than ever for online casinos to stay on top of social media marketing through AI Having an omnichannel marketing presence is undoubtedly the most efficient use of resources, as long as it is managed properly. Today, one of the most beneficial targets for marketing campaigns is social media, but, with so much traffic

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PokerSnowie’s artificial intelligence led the way for future poker AI developments

The AI poker training platform was rapidly evolving before Pluribus made waves Two years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) made waves when an AI-based poker player, Pluribus, took down several high-profile poker players. While the news was insightful and showed how far AI has come in the past 60 years, now able to teach itself and

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Artificial intelligence to drive iGaming to be a $158-billion industry by 2028

The transition toward online gaming is expanding and is fueled by artificial intelligence The expectations for the iGaming segment continue to grow, and the latest analysis of the gaming industry shows why. According to Fortune Business Insights (FBI), a business analysis firm, online gaming is going to be worth $158 billion in just a few

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PokerSnowie Review: AI-based tool for poker players

The poker analysis tool uses artificial intelligence to improve their game What is PokerSnowie? While there are already a number of tools available to give poker players ways to improve their performance, there is one that stands out from the crowd. PokerSnowie approaches poker training differently than most, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to teach players

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New Samsung AI computing solution can help online casinos increase performance

The tech giant has developed high-performance memory that can give online casinos more power Tech innovation never stops and new ways to tackle old problems are always being introduced. As companies look for ways to set themselves apart from the competition, digital innovation is the number-one solution to achieve that goal, and artificial intelligence (AI)

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Artificial intelligence is driving sports gambling through improved data analysis

Increased interest in sports gambling is leading to rapid inclusion of AI-based solutions With the proliferation of global sports gambling, there has been a push to include new, innovative ways to provide gambling options. The advances seen in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) have been able to drive a lot of that growth, leading

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Artificial intelligence is giving the casino industry an edge in advertising and commerce

AI offers casinos the ability to enhance their commercial positions through improved marketing Artificial intelligence (AI) can be viewed as the “second coming” of software, and casinos are enthusiastically embracing the technology. It has been around for decades, but only recently has it achieved mainstream attention. This has been primarily because of the fact that

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Artificial intelligence is helping land-based casinos become more efficient

Artificial intelligence and machine learning make land-based casino structures smarter One of the goals of any business, in addition to increasing revenue, is to continuously seek out ways to cut costs without impacting the customer experience. This is a challenging task, due to all of the variables involved, but it is being made significantly easier

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