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Americas Cardroom to increase dependence on artificial intelligence to remove bots

ACR is enhancing its AI development to clean up the tables One of the issues that online poker operators have to constantly deal with comes in the form of bots, software used by some poker players determined to cheat at the tables and give themselves an unfair advantage. Operators who are vested in customer satisfaction

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Online casinos take advantage of AI to create adaptive customer service responses

AI and cloud-based tech is giving casinos more power to deal with customer service issues Customer service is an integral part of any company’s success, and the better the customer service, the greater the success. It is a challenging task that requires extensive resources and investments, especially for online casinos that operate around the clock

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iGaming marketing innovation trends in 2021 center on artificial intelligence

Innovative digital media strategies for online casinos will include more AI this year Successful marketing is based almost solely on data, interpreting available consumer information to influence advertising decisions to achieve the greatest benefit. Therefore, the more data that can be interpreted, the better the marketing program. With digital marketing becoming more important than ever,

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Online casinos are using artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience

Offering better, more personalized customer service using AI is giving iGaming operators an advantage In an industry that is increasingly competitive, online casino operators need a way to differentiate themselves from the rest. One of the best ways to succeed is through outstanding customer service, which is a resource-intensive task. Artificial intelligence (AI) is making

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Payment fraud prevention for online casinos enhanced by artificial intelligence

A new AI-based payments solution enables online casinos to better protect their assets When it comes to protecting money, there’s no such thing as too much security. Any initiative that can efficiently and accurately secure financial accounts and prevent fraud is welcome and online casinos are always looking for ways to better protect their assets.

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AI-based video identification helping online casinos comply with AML regulations

The way in which gaming operators verify identities is getting a boost from artificial intelligence Countries around the world have dedicated teams of specialists looking for ways that certain people might be trying to launder illegitimate funds. For decades, there has been a belief that casinos are perfect for money-laundering activity and, in some cases,

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AI-driven analytics are helping casinos refine their operations

Big data is allowing online casinos to offer a completely new gaming experience to their users The casino industry has to rely on data to stay on top of operations. It’s the only way to know what works, when it works and to whom casinos can promote their services. Historically, it was a time-consuming job

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Artificial intelligence is giving horse racing gambling better action

Artificial intelligence’s data analysis capabilities and machine learning make for better horse racing odds Artificial intelligence (AI) is superior to any other option when it comes to data analysis. It can make thousands of calculations in a matter of seconds, a trait that is especially beneficial for gambling operators that offer odds on horse racing.

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Account fraud detection by casinos is getting an upgrade through artificial intelligence

Online casinos can take advantage of new AI-based tools to verify account identification Technology has become sophisticated to the point that online identification theft is a constant threat. Online casinos are required to ensure that anyone creating an account can have his or her identity verified, which now requires a greater level of sophistication than

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AI-based “contextual personalization” is changing how online casinos attract customers

Digital advertising is taking on a new AI dimension as marketing technology improves The way activity on the Internet is viewed, from visiting online blogs to interacting with gaming platforms, is changing. This is due to technological advancements that make visiting websites easier, as well as new regulations that are constantly being introduced to improve

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