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AI is helping online casinos offer smarter gameplay

iGaming operators are rapidly deploying artificial intelligence solutions to improve operations Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a concept that resides only in the realms of science fiction. In the past, when AI was only in its infancy, there was a lot of speculation about the possibilities the technology might pose and, now, AI

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Artificial intelligence has become priority for customer acquisitions by online casinos

The iGaming space is relying more than ever on AI to help it acquire new users Online casinos started using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) around six or seven years ago, but those early efforts weren’t targeted nearly enough. That is finally starting to change as iGaming marketers are rapidly incorporating the technology

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Online casinos continue to improve security through artificial intelligence

AI security solutions are enabling iGaming security experts to enhance their controls Artificial intelligence (AI) has made headway as a go-to solution in a number of industries because of its ability to process data more rapidly and accurately than alternative, manual solutions. The iGaming industry has been particularly interested in integrating AI capabilities across a

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Artificial intelligence helps casinos with back-of-house security

New AI-based solutions allow online casinos better test their servers for exploits It is now easier than ever for online casino platforms to ensure they have greater security and are less susceptible to attacks. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), new machine learning solutions are able to give hardware security experts enhanced tools to

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Online casinos are using AI-powered tools to improve their SEO capabilities

SEO is an effective marketing strategy for online casinos and is getting enhanced by artificial intelligence Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for generating traffic for online businesses, especially casinos. It utilizes website design and content to make it easier for a target audience to find the business

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Online casinos have a cybersecurity ally in artificial intelligence

As cyberattacks have become more sophisticated, so have the tools casinos use to combat them Cyberattacks have taken on a new form recently, driven by groups of cybercriminals, instead of rogue, independent hackers. This allows them to increase the scale of the attacks, but the tools to fight them have been improving, as well. Online

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Artificial intelligence is allowing online casinos to become more efficient and accurate

The online casino segment is rapidly embracing AI technology to streamline operations Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until about the past ten years that it began to receive a lot of attention. This has been fueled by the significant improvements the technology has seen and the online casino segment

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Online gambling innovation continues thanks to augmented reality

AI-based augmented and virtual reality are reshaping how the online casino industry grows Tomorrow’s online casinos will not be the same as today’s versions. The online gaming segment is the fastest-growing segment, able to capitalize on the myriad of technologies and innovations that are constantly being introduced. At the heart of the transformation is artificial

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Artificial intelligence is taking over data entry applications for online casinos

AI is helping online casinos work smarter and become more efficient Today, more than ever, it is imperative that businesses make the best of limited resources. The iGaming industry, in particular, has seen difficulty from COVID-19 and making resources stretch further is necessary to ensure operators can overcome revenue challenges. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping

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Casinos are improving their brand identities through artificial intelligence

AI allows casino operators to better sort through data to produce insights on how brands are viewed Marketing is founded on properly aggregating and analyzing data. The more data to be aggregated, the better the marketing result. The casino industry is increasingly becoming bigger and more competitive and being able to deliver the right marketing

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