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AI-supported cloud gaming is impacting the iGaming industry

Operating in the cloud gives iGaming operators more flexibility and security through AI tools The iGaming industry has always been a pioneer when it comes to adapting the latest and most advanced technologies. The sector has come a long way from when it started in the 90s, and technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual

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Cloud-native AI security helps online casinos offer a safer gaming experience

Online security is reaching new levels of control through artificial intelligence More companies are relying on cloud services to function, especially those entities that have multiple operations spread out over different countries. The iGaming industry has begun turning to cloud-based options to enhance its operations and serve multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, but online security is always

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AI-based OPTX software solution adds another casino to its client list

The Saratoga Casino has deployed the novel AI software to enhance its customer interaction OPTX is a Las Vegas-based tech company that delivers artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the casino industry. Its platforms analyze complex player data to deliver real-time insights and recommendations to casino operators and the company continues to expand its portfolio of

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User onboarding by iGaming operators is easier through artificial intelligence

AI-based tools give operators an easier path to bring on new customers and comply with regulations While customers want online platforms, including iGaming operators, to keep their personal data secure, they don’t want to have to jump through hoops to confirm their identity. Regulations pertaining to financial policies require certain online businesses to follow strict

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Innovative AI-based translation solution will help the iGaming industry

All-in Global has developed a translation tool that allows gaming operators to offer more precise translations Software developer All-in Global has released a new translation solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that will allow betting and gaming companies to serve large markets with fewer resources. The AI Translation + Human Post-Editing tool is designed to

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AI-driven predictive analytics is helping iGaming operators prepare for the future

The flexibility and strength of artificial intelligence make the technology a valuable asset for operators Predictive analytics is helping casino operators boost their marketing results in a variety of ways. Based on artificial intelligence (AI), they can use the data to define the best consumer segments to target, to decide if a campaign will be

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators improve the sports experience

AI-based technology and real-time analytics are producing a better sports gambling market When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, their advancements in the sports industry are sometimes overlooked, except by sports enthusiasts. AI is rewriting the sports experience as sports gambling becomes more prominent and, in the NFL, NHL, NBA and more, AI

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Social media marketing by casinos is improving thanks to artificial intelligence

All facets of social media marketing are enhanced through artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken on an indispensable role in social media marketing for the iGaming industry. This is primarily due to its capability to simultaneously perform various tasks with precision accuracy. As the social media industry has become a vital segment for iGaming

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New AI platform can help casino operators better understand unstructured data

DigitalMR has introduced a new data solution that can help casino operators interpret data DigitalMR has introduced an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that can provide casino operators with invaluable insights from the multitude of unstructured data provided through customer interactions. It is able to take advantage of both internal and external source types, providing

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Exploring how artificial intelligence is going to change the iGaming experience

The online gaming space is going through major changes as AI becomes more prominent Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now a huge part of everyday life. It is used for GPS solutions, to provide personalized advertising and is the voice behind all digital assistants. AI is also starting to change the gaming industry in many

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