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More online casinos are using Kubernetes as they develop AI-based solutions

Kubernetes plays a major role in helping iGaming developers enhance AI-based gaming options Artificial intelligence (AI) is now an integral part of iGaming platform development, but being able to enhance those platforms can be challenging. iGaming IT professionals have assistance through Kubernetes, which allows them to test AI models, as well as to improve the

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Artificial intelligence is changing B2B marketing for the casino industry

An increase in partnerships and operations in the gaming space is being supported by AI The COVID-19 pandemic has forced casino marketers to rethink their marketing strategies. The intermittent lockdowns stretching across the year led to extensive disruptions in the processes of both land-based and online casinos, greatly impacting the B2B and B2C marketing landscape.

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New Microsoft open-source tool provides better AI protection for iGaming developers

The rapid growth of AI in the iGaming industry calls for advanced security tools to protect platforms iGaming developers need to be able to test their software rapidly and thoroughly in order to introduce it quickly to a highly competitive market. With artificial intelligence (AI) now a main component of iGaming platforms, developers have to

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Artificial intelligence is allowing casinos to improve workplace operations

Operational integrity in the workplace is getting boosted through AI’s capabilities The digital productivity monitoring tools available today have a wide range of capabilities. They allow employers to record employees’ keystrokes and mouse clicks and track their physical location and use of applications or websites. With the global gaming industry being what it is today,

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