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Casino marketers are leveraging deep learning AI to enhance advertising

Casino marketing is making substantial improvements through the use of artificial intelligence Deep learning may be assumed to be something only related to IT departments. However, it is more pervasive than people realize and is the technology that is used in a number of everyday items. It is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that

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The casino industry is finding better email protection through AI-secured cloud services

Cloud-based email gateways that incorporate AI are better at securing email traffic There’s no such thing as having too much security for an online platform, especially those whose livelihood and reputation depend on uptime. However, costs can be significantly high to fully protect these platforms. Casinos, both land-based and virtual, need to ensure full security

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Casinos are able to track their brands’ reputation in real-time thanks to artificial intelligence

New research into AI’s data analysis capabilities gives casinos more tools to improve their marketing Researchers from the University of Maryland, North Carolina State University, National Taiwan University, Oxford University, Kings College London and Perceptronics Solutions, Inc. have released a new paper that explores how, using artificial intelligence (AI), text analysis of social media can

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Data monetization is now possible for the gaming space through artificial intelligence

A new AI-based platform being introduced by Nokia could revolutionize the power of data It is well established that, in today’s consumer world, data is king. The more data, the more value there is. The iGaming industry runs on data and has stores of it on its servers. Now, thanks to Nokia and artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is helping the iGaming space avoid fraud

AI-based “shallow neural networks” provide the right amount of protection for iGaming platforms As complicated as artificial intelligence (AI) is, the technology offers a vast number of attributes that can help all sorts of businesses. They have particularly been helpful for the iGaming industry, which is constantly having to protect its platforms from payment and

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AI is helping online casinos manage data and prevent cyber fraud

Only AI is capable of processing the massive amounts of data received daily by iGaming operators Data is a valuable resource that can be used to improve the customer’s transactional journey in the iGaming space. However, it is also the means through which scammers and fraudsters craft their attacks. The intersection of digital and data

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Genius Sports expands artificial intelligence in sports gambling through new acquisition

Sports gambling continues to receive a lot of attention as a target for artificial intelligence integration Genius Sports is already a leading gaming company driven by artificial intelligence (AI), but is now adding new functionalities to its platform. The company offers data and technology solutions to its sports and gambling partners and is going to

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More online casinos are using Kubernetes as they develop AI-based solutions

Kubernetes plays a major role in helping iGaming developers enhance AI-based gaming options Artificial intelligence (AI) is now an integral part of iGaming platform development, but being able to enhance those platforms can be challenging. iGaming IT professionals have assistance through Kubernetes, which allows them to test AI models, as well as to improve the

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Artificial intelligence is changing B2B marketing for the casino industry

An increase in partnerships and operations in the gaming space is being supported by AI The COVID-19 pandemic has forced casino marketers to rethink their marketing strategies. The intermittent lockdowns stretching across the year led to extensive disruptions in the processes of both land-based and online casinos, greatly impacting the B2B and B2C marketing landscape.

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New Microsoft open-source tool provides better AI protection for iGaming developers

The rapid growth of AI in the iGaming industry calls for advanced security tools to protect platforms iGaming developers need to be able to test their software rapidly and thoroughly in order to introduce it quickly to a highly competitive market. With artificial intelligence (AI) now a main component of iGaming platforms, developers have to

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