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Casinos in Michigan and Indiana turn to artificial intelligence to increase security

AI-based security is becoming the norm at land-based casinos across the US It is very likely that, if a survey were given to different casino visitors, they would say that it is extremely tedious to empty their pockets and wallets every time they enter the facilities. However, in Southwest Michigan and Indiana, the gaming industry

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Stats Perform acquires 13 Strides as it continues to add more AI options to the gaming industry

Artificial intelligence continues to take on a more prominent role in the gaming space It looks like the gaming industry stands to benefit greatly after the announcement of the acquisition of 13 Strides, the visual content studio for sports, by Stats Perform, a leader in sports data technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The entire gaming

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TELUS International launches new AI-based solution that casino operators will find useful

Land-based casinos have more access to AI tools as they continue to automate Intelligent Insights, a platform comprised of different tools to monitor and manage process automation (RPA), solutions, and bots is one of the innovations based on artificial intelligence (AI) that TELUS International has created to better develop the gaming industry. With the launch

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Artificial intelligence is improving identity management for iGaming operators

Identity verification and security are enhanced through artificial intelligence It is known that identity management in the iGaming industry is an important aspect that must always be guaranteed in an optimal state. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), operators can find an effective way to avoid different problematic situations. This includes greater control over

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Artificial intelligence is giving iGaming operators better payment security

AI creates safer payment activity for iGaming operators and users The incorporation of technological tools and changes in consumer expectations have changed payment services. Today, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the iGaming industry has been able to find a way to further develop a more secure payment system. AI-based technology has provided solutions to the

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AI-based payments solution Paysafe to support Elliptic’s cryptocurrency compliance

iGaming operators have more security for accepting crypto payments We are in a new paradigm where new technologies have begun to change the way in which business is conducted from every point of view, from inside the company through the digital transformation processes applying the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to outside the company with

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Artificial intelligence is helping casino operators better understand human behavior

Understanding why consumers make decisions is key to offering better alternatives Understanding what players experience when they start gambling online or use any other service can help the iGaming industry excel even more, but it is impossible to deliver great experiences without the right technology. Behavioral Intelligence Suite, the artificial intelligence (AI) solution created by

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The iGaming industry can improve KYC operations through AI-based GetID biometrics

Complying with regulations is key to iGaming success and AI is making it easier Today, the iGaming industry is beginning to employ much more substantially the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to reduce the costs and risks associated with player acquisition, improve the player experience, and act in compliance with laws and internal policies. This

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The different ways casinos use artificial intelligence to their advantage

Artificial intelligence continues to make its way into more operations for casino operators Casinos are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of gradually incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their business model. This will undoubtedly begin to make a difference for the gambling industry to be able to increasingly adapt to this new era of technology

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AI-based unstructured data is helping iGaming operators improve their marketing

Artificial intelligence is smart enough to interpret all types of data, regardless of its order Machine learning based on Artificial intelligence (AI) enables iGaming industry operators to gather a greater volume of insights from structured and unstructured data compared to what they could otherwise gather with traditional business intelligence solutions. It is well known that

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