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Latin American casinos can now take advantage of AI security offered by DICE

Within the trend of increasing volume and complexity of incidents within casinos, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping the different surveillance agents to carry out their work in a more efficient way, which makes the gambling industry in Latin America feel more at ease. New DICE Corporation is known for its innovative technology and is now

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Soft2Bet partners with AI-based identity verification platform Onfido

Artificial intelligence is making ID verification easier for gaming operators Identity verification processes face three major challenges: security, agility and scalability. If we talk about security, fraud by impersonation is the big problem to attack. The iGaming industry has had to suffer from these issues for a long time, but it seems that through the

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New AI-based solution can help iGaming operators protect themselves from email threats

New artificial intelligence tools are giving operators better security over their technology The first step to establish the best defense against a potential cyberattack is to incorporate a solution that includes preventive monitoring, user education, adequate patching, and incident management. However, today, options have been developed that can transcend this basic configuration, one of the

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New artificial intelligence platform can help gaming operators improve their marketing

Junction AI and Hawke Media team up to offer an enhanced AI marketing solution Marketing deals with every interaction between businesses and people and now the iGaming industry stands to benefit greatly with the partnership of international artificial intelligence (AI) company Junction AI and one of the fastest-growing digital marketing consultancies in the country, Hawke

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Artificial intelligence continues to redefine how gaming operators do business

The iGaming space is going to look very different in four years because of AI Technology has currently positioned itself as an essential factor in all areas of our daily activities, and business has not escaped the digital revolution. Hence the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implementation in the iGaming industry. Technological transformation

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Artificial intelligence can help gaming operators improve their ad campaigns

It’s easier than ever for iGaming marketers to understand what works and what doesn’t Personalization is a key element in the development of advertisements and campaigns in the current era, as it is conducive to generating greater emotional engagement with brands. This condition can be achieved thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions

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A new gaming-specific search engine based on AI comes to the gambling space

Graphyte promises to give operators a unique ability never before offered The iGaming market can feel fortunate to know that ultimately the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to further enhance all of its platforms. Graphyte, the sports betting gaming innovation studio, knows that the market still faces some needs, which is why it

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Artificial intelligence platform can help iGaming operators find new customers

Lead generation is now being augmented by artificial intelligence’s skills It is known that no matter how big the industry is, the development of new prospects is fundamental for its growth. A new platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) could come as a positive breakthrough for the iGaming market to be able to attract more

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Druid and Velocity join forces to offer an advanced AI-based conversational solution

The iGaming industry can use AI conversational tools to enhance its customer service It goes without saying that today's technology should be leveraged to the fullest, and according to new updates, the iGaming industry could benefit greatly as it has been predicted a new use for artificial intelligence (AI) that could be of great help

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Four Winds casinos in Indiana and Michigan to feature artificial intelligence security

Artificial intelligence does away with metal detectors to enhance casino security Online activity has now found a great complement through artificial intelligence (AI), and the gambling industry seems to always be one of the most benefited. The implementation of this technology is getting higher and higher, especially after learning that new casinos are moving the

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