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Data analytics engine uses AI to help iGaming operators improve payments

Payment processing by iGaming operators is becoming easier and safer through AI Improving as much as possible the payment system in the iGaming industry has always been a clear objective. It is known that a gambling market makes millions of payments in a single day, and that is why having an optimal system is of

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Blockchain and artificial intelligence come together to help iGaming operators

Blockchain and AI are giving iGaming operators more tools to market their products Navigating the marketing landscape has never been an easy task for the iGaming industry. No matter how big or small brands are, being able to successfully market at times can be challenging, but with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain,

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Artificial intelligence is helping ensure fairness in online gambling

Probity in online gaming is positive for both users and operators The online gaming market has constantly been adopting new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), in order to develop a better overall experience and take the appeal of the iGaming industry to another level. A clear example of this is the use of AI to

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Artificial intelligence continues to shape the iGaming industry

AI solutions are driving online gaming growth to new heights What was once a strange concept is now becoming more and more applicable to everyday life in the iGaming industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived to completely change the game, and in an era of highly advanced technology, online casinos are doing nothing but making

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The iGaming player experience is being transformed through artificial intelligence

iGaming operators are able to increase customer satisfaction with the help of AI The iGaming industry is, without a doubt, one of the industries that has grown the most in recent years, and this growth is due, among other things, to its ability to adapt and adopt new technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) is, precisely, one

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Online gaming operators have a new AI-based solution to help with their digital marketing efforts looks to offer an end-to-end marketing platform using artificial intelligence There are already quite a few AI-based platforms that can serve as a great advantage to the iGaming industry today. However, is the first end-to-end platform of its kind for personalized lead information, account intelligence, creative content, and intent-based data. This will undoubtedly

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A new artificial intelligence solution gives iGaming marketers ad pitches

AI is making it easy for iGaming operators to boost their marketing efforts The iGaming industry and online casinos should always have a high priority on the way they conduct their marketing and advertising. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), it is becoming easier to track trends and generate slogans, which makes the implementation

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Land-based casinos can take advantage of Netwatch’s new AI-based security solutions

Netwatch has teamed up with Avigilon to introduced enhanced physical security options While it is true that casinos are places where many visitors go to have a night of fun, security is a fundamental factor. Through a system like this, monitoring officers could have an easier time detecting any anomaly that goes against the policies

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how iGaming operators capture data

Taking advantage of big data is the key to growth in the iGaming industry Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up many possibilities for developing more accurate and robust data processing systems. By capturing data through AI, operators in the iGaming industry can gain a clearer understanding of their players' needs and desires, as well as make

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New solution makes it easier for iGaming operator to launch AI-enabled marketing

Artificial intelligence is proving its worth in creating stronger marketing solutions Constant growth is something that many of the operators in the iGaming industry look for every day. It seems that this can now be achieved more easily with a platform created by Birmingham-based MCG Digital Media that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to take marketing

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