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iGaming operators can take advantage of new artificial intelligence-based security tools

Operators in the iGaming industry can now avoid large financial losses and further protect data privacy through Data Safeguard, Inc. The company recently launched a new security tool using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance online security, protecting iGaming operators from loss and potential data theft risks. It is no secret that there has been strong

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Australia’s Tabcorp is integrating artificial intelligence to improve sports betting

The gaming operator is using AI to provide predictive choices for sports bettors Tabcorp, Australia's leading gaming company, shared its plans to implement artificial intelligence (AI) as a driver to further strengthen its sports betting business, taking the lead from major rival operators in the area, such as Sportsbet and Ladbrokes. This is a clear

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The Rank Group adopts “Hawkeye” artificial intelligence to offer safer gaming

The casino operator is bringing in artificial intelligence to improve its operations In the gaming industry, security is one of the most important factors to take into account. Rank Group, a company that has been in charge of entertaining players from Britain and around the world through its gaming platform, is well aware of this.

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Online casinos are improving software development through artificial intelligence

AI is giving iGaming operators the ability to introduce better, more innovative content The intervention of artificial intelligence (AI) in the development of software is transforming the usual way in which it works. It introduces a new variable that consists in the fact that its development does not depend on the action of a third

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Artificial intelligence is taking over Las Vegas

The original casino city in the US is rapidly embracing AI as the gaming industry changes Little by little, artificial intelligence (AI) applications have begun to make inroads into the world of casinos. It has been proven that any type of casino, virtual or physical, can benefit significantly from this advanced technology, which is currently

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Live security monitoring by iGaming operators gets an improvement through AI

Constant innovation is helping iGaming operators enhance their security protocols Currently, the iGaming industry is in a moment of progress, determined by constant digitalization and the increasingly diversified management of information coming from all its control areas. One of the important aspects in an industry like this is to be able to have good tracking

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Artificial intelligence is making huge strides in online casino security

iGaming operators are more secure than ever because of artificial intelligence Nowadays, being able to count on an online casino whose security is unbreakable is one of the luxuries that the iGaming industry can have through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). While it is true that in the past, there were many reports of

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AI-based NetWitness is helping iGaming operators improve their ransomware defense

As cyberattacks continue to be a threat, artificial intelligence is giving iGaming operators more security It's doubtful that cyberattacks are going to disappear anytime soon, but new tools are constantly being developed that help mitigate the threat. Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be vital at thwarting attacks, using its superior data processing and analysis

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AI is helping iGaming operators reinvent their PR communication

Artificial intelligence is improving branding and marketing campaigns for casino operators If we take a look at various industries, such as iGaming, we can see how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have improved different processes. Public relations (PR) is also on the list of this technology. Although it may seem far away, the reality is

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iGaming operators are taking advantage of Traceable’s free AI-based API security tool

Improving online platform security is vital to the success of iGaming operators After seeing how Traceable implemented a free security API based on artificial intelligence (AI), iGaming operators wanted to make the most of it. The easy-to-use API is an excellent way to protect online platforms and iGaming operators are exploring it as a way

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