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Gaming operators can now automatically score their advertising efforts with AI

As competition in the gaming space increases, operators need to ensure they send the right message Both machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) could become the future of commercial testing, and gaming operators could get a lot out of that innovation. The company that measures audience insights through tests and surveys, Kantar, claims to

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Sports betting to get a boost as Slinger acquires artificial intelligence company

GAMEFACE.AI is now part of Slinger, bringing additional AI capabilities to the gaming space Sports betting may now receive a big boost in the market. Slinger, a sports brand focused on innovating game-enhancing technology and equipment with a vision to become a sports company, has signed an agreement to acquire GAMEFACE.AI, an award-winning provider of

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Conversational marketing in the gaming industry is improving through artificial intelligence

iGaming marketing is becoming easier with the help of artificial intelligence Conversation is, and always has been, a fundamental part of attracting new customers. In recent years, conversational bots have been incorporated into the process of digital services in online casinos. They are transforming the field of customer service into a new paradigm, conversational marketing.

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These AI strategies are helping iGaming operators improve their revenue

iGaming operators are taking advantage of AI's strengths to bolster income In an era where everything is now driven by technology, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) has become almost a mandatory requirement to increase business revenue. While the iGaming industry has always been known to be very lucrative, those revenues can be boosted even

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iGaming operators are turning to AI to help their pay-per-click marketing efforts

iGaming operators can monetize their online marketing exercises better with AI The trend of using artificial intelligence (AI) has made it an impossible topic to touch every time we talk about modern digital marketing. The realm of paid advertising is being updated by AI today while presenting many new and better opportunities to marketers in

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iGaming software developers find more creativity through artificial intelligence

AI is giving software developers a lot more options to create new and exciting products Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining exponential popularity in all areas of interest, including software development. Specialists in this area in the iGaming industry are gaining a huge advantage in accelerating the software development lifecycle, as well as gaining a whole

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Artificial intelligence is allowing iGaming operators to innovate on every level

There's no limit to the benefits artificial intelligence can provide to iGaming operators Gone are the days when humans did all the work. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) can do much more without much outside intervention. AI has seen dramatic development in recent years, and more and more industries such as iGaming are using it to

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Digital marketing by iGaming operators improves through AI

AI is proving to be the biggest source of marketing enhancements for casino operators Artificial intelligence (AI) has been in our lives for a few years now; however, as time has passed, its development has evolved in a big way. This technology has opened up more aspects of life, which has helped many industries such

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Gaming operators receive new digital marketing tools from Oracle

The software giant has introduced new AI solutions that will enable better marketing Oracle offers a database management tool, mainly used by large companies to control and manage a large amount of content from a single file. A convenient tool to use, as it is very intuitive. However, this seems not to be the only

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators improve their bonuses

Online casinos can provide more intelligent bonuses through the use of AI Online casinos disseminate bonuses among their users, but never endure losses from the initiatives. Numerous iGaming operators offer liberal bonuses to new clients; for example, users can receive $10 just for opening an account. The top platforms incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their

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