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Branding efforts by iGaming operators get benefits from artificial intelligence

AI is pushing away marketing boundaries for iGaming operators Brands, agencies, and publishers agree that Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a paradigm shift in the industry and a strong ally to make new challenges a reality. The iGaming industry continues to make strong efforts regarding brand campaigns, as it is considered a marketing strategy that cannot

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Gamingtec turns to ZingBrain to offer AI-based gaming solutions

ZingBrain's ZingAI will power the online gaming brand's data and user experience efforts Players can now get a personalized experience through the implementation of the artificial intelligence (AI) engine and recommendation systems pioneered with the arrival of ZingAI. Thanks to AI, the iGaming industry has been able to stay ahead of the digital age we

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iGaming legal teams can use artificial intelligence to make their jobs easier

Artificial intelligence provides services to help attorneys ensure compliance A number of industries have started to implement artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and so far, it has been working wonders for them. One of them has been iGaming, and now its legal sector has been starting to take advantage of the great benefits that AI is

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Artificial intelligence is the key to business continuity for casinos

AI is making it easier for iGaming operators to keep their activity running smoothly Today, different studies have shown that many businesses, including casinos, have been starting to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to exponentially improve business performance, continuity and security. The gaming industry is known to face many challenges in its business models; however,

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Artificial intelligence is making the iGaming onboarding process easier

Online casino operators can now attract new users more efficiently with AI Artificial intelligence (AI) has been part of our conversations for some time now, especially those related to innovation within companies. In this area, it seems that more and more professionals agree that AI will be one of the main technologies that will help

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Predictive AI is making iGaming platforms more secure

Artificial intelligence is becoming more intelligent, offering greater online protection Today’s cybercriminals are taking advantage of any situation to break into systems where they are clearly not welcome. It has even been reported that this group of malicious individuals has taken advantage of the pandemic to impersonate World Health Organization (WHO) officials to deceive large

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing casino slot machines

AI is making it easier for casino operators to introduce innovative gaming solutions There is a sector of people who think that slot machines act all by themselves, but with today's advanced technology, this may not really be the case. Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived as a novelty not only to revolutionize the way these

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New AI feature allows iGaming operators to capture more conversational data

Invoca has introduced a new tool that makes using data even easier Invoca, the leader in conversational intelligence for revenue teams, announced during its seventh annual Invoca Summit conference the implementation of new capabilities to help clients capture and take real-time action on their conversational data. Such news comes to sweeten the ears of the

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iGaming operators continue to get more out of marketing through artificial intelligence

Continued innovation in AI is making it easier for iGaming operators to stay competitive Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction movies, but has crept into our lives without us even realizing it, and even AI in marketing is a reality. The great thing about the advent of this significant advance

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Artificial intelligence in casinos is the hot topic at G2E this week

AI is becoming as common in casinos as chips and cards The casino industry has begun to recover strongly after the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the main factors that have helped bring it back to normalcy in a more innovative way is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI is

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