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AI helps iGaming operators create a better work culture

The work environment can be enhanced significantly with artificial intelligence Analog and digital machines have always been used to help designers of work environments to calculate work performances and to automate tasks, a goal that is now being pursued through artificial intelligence (AI) tools and applications. Culture in the work environment, as essential as it

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Online casinos continue to benefit from AI to improve security

Artificial intelligence innovation is making security stronger for iGaming operators As cyber-attacks grow in volume and complexity in the iGaming industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping security operations analysts anticipate threats. AI technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, gather threat information from millions of research articles, blogs and news stories, and provide

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iGaming operators ready to improve digital marketing through artificial intelligence

iGaming operators have embraced AI for their marketing, and more adoption is coming next year Nowadays, there is no professional in the technology sectors who is not aware of this reality: In the world of marketing and new technologies, the same concept is repeated repeatedly: artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to this innovative technology, operators in

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators increase fairness in play

Continued innovation in AI is giving online casinos more reliability and transparency Artificial intelligence (AI) is now not only applicable to everyday life but has also become a very useful tool for operators in the iGaming industry. In addition to being beneficial for a wide range of sectors ranging from security to digital marketing, this

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Gaming operator Entain turns to artificial intelligence to increase gaming sustainability

Entain is using AI to improve equality and responsible gambling With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), Entain, a well-known gaming operator, is looking to plant a flag with new initiatives to increase sustainability. Entain Sustain was an idea that demonstrates the company's commitment to ESG, as evidenced by its charitable causes, its focus on

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Artificial intelligence is helping the online gaming industry improve in several areas

iGaming operators are able to enhance their activity significantly through AI During the first phase of the global health emergency, online gaming experienced a real boom, positively influenced also by the forced closure of many activities in the territory. Playing online is easy, immediate, and feasible for the most heterogeneous public possible. For this reason,

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AI-based intelligent virtual assistants help the iGaming industry focus on customer service

Prioritizing customer service through AI gives iGaming operators a clear advantage It is nothing new that online casinos increasingly want to optimize customer service and, with it, raise the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, the great challenge is to maintain quality, standardize and scale the service. If, as an operator in the iGaming industry, you

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iGaming operators are making a bigger marketing impact through artificial intelligence

AI is giving iGaming operators access to marketing tools never before possible Until a few years ago, marketers were somewhat reluctant to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their digital marketing strategies. But, little by little, they have been gaining much more confidence in the use of this technology, which is increasingly making its way into

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iGaming operators are experiencing a larger marketing impact through AI

Artificial intelligence is able to deliver significant benefits to improved marketing for gaming operators With the ability to gather large amounts of information and then learn from them, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we perceive opportunities in the digital world. The challenge lies in harnessing it; as it advances, so does the ability

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Artificial intelligence is driving live-casino options for iGaming operators

Online casinos are taking advantage of AI's power to offer live casino experiences To take the online casino gaming platform to the next level, it is of utmost importance, as an iGaming business operator, to stay at the forefront of the latest solutions available in the market. Now that artificial intelligence (AI) is at its

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