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Personalized advertising in the iGaming space is possible through artificial intelligence

AI provides a number of tools to enhance advertising and focus on the individual consumer It has become clear that consumers are now identified by their characteristics and tastes, beyond traditional segmentation, which is more effective for brands and users. Over the years, personalized advertising has evolved at great speed, and this is due to

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AI-based payments solutions are taking over paper options in the iGaming industry

Long gone are the days of paper invoices and receipts in the gambling world The artificial intelligence (AI) landscape in payments continues to evolve rapidly, driven by emerging technologies and digital transformation across industries, including iGaming. It has been noted how AI-powered payments lately put paper processes under scrutiny and iGaming operators are trying to

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Explainable AI is helping iGaming operators improve their digital marketing efforts

Explainable AI is a newer instance of the technology and is offering a lot of promise Brand trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications that are easy to explain and have a high degree of transparency are an excellent hatch to engender trust in all users who have any

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New AI-based AML screening solution comes to the iGaming industry

The iGaming market has a new tool to help it comply with financial regulations The iGaming industry continues to benefit from the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). This time, Lithuania-based identity verification and fraud prevention company iDenfy has created its new anti-money laundering (AML) check that will undoubtedly come to serve as a protective shield

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Red Hawk Casino in California embraces artificial intelligence through RAD deal

The casino has partnered with Robotic Assistance Devices to deploy a robot security guard The relationship between the casino industry and new-age technologies is increasingly close. This time, the Red Hawk Casino in Placerville, CA, has been selected by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Solutions to be the deployment location for a ROAMEO mobile security robot

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AI is giving iGaming operators new tools for their marketing efforts

Improved marketing is just one of the benefits artificial intelligence offers iGaming operators Nowadays, there is no professional in the technology sector who is not aware of this reality. In the world of digital marketing and new technologies, the same concept is repeated over and over again: artificial intelligence (AI). AI applied to marketing allows

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AI helps iGaming operators better manage B2B payment responsibilities

Artificial intelligence simplifies the payment process while keeping transactions secure In recent years, B2B payment responsibilities in the iGaming industry have focused on facilitating many of the transaction processes that were once too tedious. This is where the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) systems contributes to transforming large amounts of (complex and ambiguous) information into

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iGaming operators are realizing the benefits of AI in cybersecurity

Protecting hardware and systems is exponentially easier and more thorough with AI The first step in establishing the best defense against a potential cyberattack is to incorporate a solution that includes preventive monitoring, user education, and proper patching and incident management. Today, however, options have been developed that can go beyond this basic configuration. One

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Artificial intelligence enables better-targeted advertising for iGaming operators

AI helps analyze and create advertising initiatives more thoroughly for operators When we hear artificial intelligence (AI), we know that today it is already part of many online casinos. This technology has been responsible for bringing impressive results and facilitating productivity in this sector. There is still a lot that can be done, with operators

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Artificial intelligence helps iGaming operators take control of business management

Embracing the digital age is easier with artificial intelligence guiding the way Digital and technological transformation has become useful in all areas of human interest. At the business level, the involvement of technology is essential because there can be no margin for error, especially in the iGaming industry. Business management is increasingly complex due to

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