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AI-based automated cybersecurity provides additional benefits for iGaming operators

Automated cybersecurity delivers more complete protection for iGaming companies Cybersecurity automation is an innovative system created to improve the response in case a security incident is identified, speeding up the processes and activities related to protecting your company's data and infrastructure. Basically, it consists of the integration of security tools and controls with the objective

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Artificial intelligence is changing how casinos manage surveillance

AI offers efficient and more secure surveillance coverage for land-based casinos The rapid spread of the use of video analytics in surveillance systems is due to a combination of technological and operational factors that are driving this well-established trend in the security market. The market today offers the possibility of executing complex algorithms with hardware

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AI is helping automate gaming operators’ payments processes, reduce fraud

Payment security is a leading concern for iGaming operators and AI helps increase protection Digital transformation intensifies data-related issues. Data silos and data overload can create an incomplete view of risk exposure, preventing visibility into patterns and behaviors for predictions. However, with the help of automation and digitization implemented by artificial intelligence (AI), operators in

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AI tool from AnyWord allows iGaming operators to improve their brand messaging

Artificial intelligence is giving iGaming companies greater tools to target their marketing efforts The competitive market in the iGaming industry has begun to re-emerge as the pandemic subsides, and this means the challenge of creating a voice is highlighted. Fortunately for many online casinos, AnyWord, an artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting software platform, offers operators enhanced

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AI is speeding up how iGaming operators process payments

Artificial intelligence is the leading ally for proper and secure payment processing The incorporation of technological tools and changes in consumer expectations have changed payment services. Today, thanks to technology, it is possible to make payments in a more secure and efficient way, through credit or debit cards, platforms, transfers, payment gateways, or QR codes.

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The different ways A.I. makes iGaming marketers smarter

Artificial intelligence tools are offering significant improvements to iGaming operators' marketing Of all the professions that require a human touch, sales and marketing are at the top of the list. These areas are all about human interaction, convincing someone that they need what you are selling and/or offering. The best salespeople and marketers have superior

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Sports betting operators are taking advantage of AI to improve their operations

Online sportsbooks incorporate AI to give their users a better gaming experience In the last decade, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, leaving its mark on the gaming and betting market through significant improvements in the gaming experience and facilitating access to various platforms through mobile devices. Sports betting is a gigantic industry that

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A new plug-and-play AI platform can help iGaming marketers improve their campaigns

Always On Incremental Measurement promises to make marketing even easier The company dedicated to maximizing application marketing performance, Machine Advertising, has recently announced Always On Incremental Measurement (AIM). This artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform is intended to provide marketers in the iGaming industry with the real-time information needed to reduce cost-per-acquisition (CPA), optimize budgets and scale

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AI is changing the future of the iGaming workplace in several ways

Workplace operations benefit greatly from the incorporation of artificial intelligence As with all major technological transformations, the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) has come long before its widespread application in the real world. There is no doubt that AI has now become an essential tool for truly unlocking the potential of the iGaming industry and

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El Cortex Hotel and Casino adopts AI solution for its player development

The Vegas casino is the latest to bring in OPTX to enhance its operations with AI The Cortez Hotel & Casino has been announced as the newest addition to the rapidly expanding book of business of OPTX, the fast-growing casino data software company. The resort joins a long list of venues in the gaming industry

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