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A new AI-based advertising solution can ease iGaming operators’ marketing headaches

Innovative artificial intelligence options continue to arrive to help iGaming operators Programmatic advertising seems to be a new solution coming into the hands of many operators in the iGaming industry. This is thanks to the innovative custom audience solutions company, Dstillery. With revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) powered targeting technology, ID-free Custom AI has the ability

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A new AI-driven autonomous cashless payments platform has arrived in the gaming space

Land-based casinos have an innovative solution to manage their payments Land-based casinos are becoming more and more modern, increasing the experience of their public and unveiling new innovations that attract the attention of many., a technology company that offers artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, has now come to help that cause with the launch of

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Artificial intelligence helps iGaming operators enhance API security

Improvements in AI development give iGaming operators more confidence in developing new solutions APIs are protocols that are a fundamental part of the operation of current applications and websites. The iGaming industry relies heavily on these protocols, and it is no secret that they are prone to attacks. However, their security can be increased thanks

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iGaming operators are using artificial intelligence to improve customer service

Artificial intelligence is bringing a lot of benefits to iGaming operators in the customer service area Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more accessible to society, whether directly or indirectly, and it also helps to improve the customer experience. Its use makes the interaction processes between online casinos and consumers easier every day. That

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Lady Luck Games partners with Future Anthem to add AI to its operations

Artificial intelligence continues to find a place in all facets of iGaming operations Lady Luck Games' business will now find an improvement thanks to the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI). In order to achieve that, it has formed a partnership with Future Anthem in an effort to gain insight into customer behavior and improve the

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Artificial intelligence can help gaming operators improve their workflow

AI-based business operation solutions give iGaming operators an advantage Artificial intelligence (AI) is being leveraged by a number of operators in the iGaming industry in many ways and with varying degrees of success. Workflow is undoubtedly a factor that must be effective if a company is to have a stable operation. Thanks to AI, these

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New AI-powered solution can help iGaming operators improve the customer experience

Symplify adds new AI tools to its CRM platform that enhances CX initiatives Stockholm-based cloud services firm Symplify has made some improvements to its CRM ecosystem through artificial intelligence (AI)-powered hyper-personalization and recommendation software. Symplify, by incorporating this powerful application, ensures that operators in the iGaming market have access to the most relevant data immediately,

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Swinomish Casino & Lodge in Washington becomes the latest to adopt OPTX’s AI platform

Artificial intelligence continues to find a place in daily operations at land-based casinos More casinos continue to rely on the technology solutions offered by OPTX, the Las Vegas-based software company focused on the analysis of complex player data. Through its artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform, casino operators get real-time information and recommendations to make their operations

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Casino equipment supplier Everi buys AI assets to give operators more marketing options

The global gaming company will add new AI options to its industry offerings Marketing and artificial intelligence (AI) have started to have a close relationship, and the casino industry seems to want to make the most of it. US casino equipment and FinTech firm Everi Holdings has made a decision to acquire "certain strategic assets"

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iGaming operators can improve customer data personalization through AI

Artificial intelligence makes it easier for gaming operators to deliver personalized attention More companies continue to launch solutions that are ideal for the massive operations of an industry like iGaming. This time, operators will be able to take advantage of the artificial intelligence (AI) customer data platform created by Fulcrum, a leader in real-time personalization.

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