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iGaming operators are building better software with artificial intelligence

AI allows iGaming operators to improve their software capabilities on several levels The intervention of artificial intelligence (AI) in the development of software is transforming the usual way in which it works. This happens because it introduces a new variable that consists of the fact that its development does not depend on the action of

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Conversational AI is revolutionizing iGaming customer service

Artificial intelligence makes it easier for iGaming operators to get in tune with their customers Customers have high expectations regarding the level of service they demand from online casinos. Introducing conversational artificial intelligence (AI) into operational processes is one way organizations in the iGaming industry can control costs while improving their service capabilities and maintaining

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AI helps iGaming operators improve their SEO efforts

SEO is a key component of a digital marketing plan, and artificial intelligence makes it easier for iGaming operators SEO (search engine optimization) marketing has not stopped evolving over time. One of the biggest changes has been the development and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), which has allowed SEO positioning techniques to evolve as if

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iGaming operators find success using AI for their customer service needs

Getting an edge in customer service gives iGaming operators an advantage, and AI is lending a hand The speed of automation in services has increased at an alarming rate, giving users the ability to complete their daily tasks. Advanced systems powered by automated solutions allow users to book a reservation at a restaurant, order pizza,

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New AI tool makes it easier for iGaming operators to block security threats

Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing more data more rapidly than conventional alternatives Artificial intelligence (AI), as a set of predictive and self-learning techniques, is helping to improve cybersecurity. It does this by continuously calibrating algorithms as they are exposed to new information. In an effort to provide yet another tool to protect platforms in

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Artificial intelligence continues to transform iGaming marketing

iGaming operators improve their marketing efforts dramatically through the use of AI Technology has brought about great changes when it comes to promoting products and services and impacting customers. This has been enabled by the emergence of innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI). This is a very useful tool in digital marketing, considering that currently,

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Artificial intelligence can help iGaming operators prevent duplicate payments

Tracking payments is infinitely easier with artificial intelligence tools Undoubtedly, one of the most frustrating things when reviewing a statement or the details of a recent purchase is to see that you have been charged twice. According to different studies, duplicate payments can represent up to 0.5% of total bill payments. Many iGaming operators rely

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators innovate

Artificial intelligence is giving iGaming operators new methods for developing creative solutions Artificial intelligence (AI) in innovation promises to improve existing goods and services and, by enabling the automation of many tasks, aims to increase the efficiency with which they are produced significantly. There is no doubt that at a time when digitization continues to

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Artificial intelligence continues to rewrite the book on iGaming marketing

AI-based marketing solutions are helping iGaming operators improve their customer focus Businesses in the iGaming industry have already noticed how digital marketing strategies have become more and more diverse over the past decade. Starting with a greater focus on social media, digital marketing has moved more towards SEO, content marketing, visual marketing and now, artificial

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A new AI-based threat-hunting bot could help iGaming operators protect their networks

AI is making it increasingly easier for companies to secure their equipment Artificial intelligence (AI) has started to become a resource that many companies have relied on to eliminate all types of threats. In an effort to provide a solution on another level, LogicHub has announced the arrival of AuDRA (Autonomous Detection and Response Assistant).

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