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Mindway AI provides better security for gamblers

The artificial intelligence solution is coming to protect users of online lottery provider ZEAL Security in the iGaming industry has never and will never cease to be paramount. It is undoubtedly one of the factors that distinguishes the competition, and that is why every online casino operator seeks to have in their hands the best

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AI robotics are coming to land-based casinos to improve operations

Casinos are benefiting from artificial intelligence to help secure their activity Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to fade and casinos around the world are facing fiscal and operational challenges, many operators of these entertainment complexes are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that the casino remains in optimal operation. Robotic Assistance Devices

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iGaming loyalty program provider Fobi increases use of AI through new partnership

The company is partnering with Fobi AI to enhance its ability to serve its customers The firm that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to become the leader in providing real-time data analytics, Fobi AI, recently announced the formalization of a new digital loyalty partnership with Yotpo, a leading provider of customer loyalty and review solutions for

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Artificial intelligence is helping casinos with age verification

Casinos face huge fines for underage gambling, but AI can help them stay protected Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolves around the development and implementation of machines or computer systems that simulate the cognitive capabilities of human beings. In recent years, AI has advanced in important fields such as banking, cybersecurity, among other applications. One of the

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New AI-powered platform improves iGaming operators’ compliance initiatives

Artificial intelligence offers stronger tools to ensure operators conform to regulations Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are currently being used in iGaming-related companies to transform business processes, drive customer interaction, improve decision making and increase employee productivity. One of the most difficult challenges for organizations is meeting increasingly stringent compliance regulations, but new ways to address

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators improve their PPC marketing initiatives

Pay-per-click advertising is a proven model that offers additional benefits through AI Modern marketing is impossible without mentioning the latest trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and their increased use. Today, AI is changing the landscape of paid advertising for iGaming operators and presenting new opportunities for marketers. AI will be a major driver of the

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Artificial intelligence is helping casino operators improve efficiency, cut costs

Employing AI tools is helping operators reduce expenses by as much as 20% Artificial intelligence (AI) is the main driver of the change that operators are beginning to experience in the iGaming industry, which is already optimizing their business decision-making processes and strategies with algorithmic and predictive models. As a result, many of these firms

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AI is helping iGaming operators improve their cash flow management

Proper oversight of finances is critical to success and AI is making it easier Expense and cash flow management in the iGaming industry is an essential process, but one that can be complex and tedious for all involved. Extrapolating from this data, the annual time spent by an online casino's employees to manage their expenses

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Stats Perform’s AI data solution Opta Vision will enhance the football season

The AI tool increases the aggregation and compilation of data used by the sports betting industry Stats Perform, the leader in sports data technology and artificial intelligence (AI), recently announced a new set of advanced football metrics through the implementation of live Opta Vision data feeds for the football season kicking off in September. Opta

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Entain’s AI-based responsible gaming solution proves more successful than imagined

Entain's Advanced Care and Responsibility platform has taken a leading role in reducing gambling harm Games of chance, such as poker, in particular, have become the perfect scenario for testing artificial intelligence (AI), which now presents a new field to explore. The iGaming industry wants to use the capabilities of this technology in a beneficial

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