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iGaming operators turn to artificial intelligence to create personalized advertising

Being able to target individual consumers through AI enhances the gaming experience Personalization is a key element in the development of advertisements and campaigns in the current era, as it is conducive to generating greater emotional engagement with brands. This condition can be achieved thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that help

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Palace Casino Resort turns to artificial intelligence to boost operations

The Mississippi gaming property is the latest to embrace artificial intelligence OPTX, the revolutionary casino intelligence firm, continues to help a number of operators across the country in their quest to optimize operations. The company's rapidly expanding business portfolio has now made room to welcome the Palace Casino Resort in Mississippi. It is clear to

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AI is helping iGaming operators reduce their advertising expenses

Artificial intelligence offers cost-saving measures to relieve the burden on advertisers Artificial intelligence (AI) has been gaining space in the daily life of iGaming companies. In a digital context, process automation and customer management by means of robots and massive data studies have become a trend. Neuroscience has been integrated with robotics in such a

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators improve their DevOps practices

Software development gets a boost from the inclusion of artificial intelligence DevOps provides continuous delivery of value to end users and adds automation and consistency to operations. However, it still requires manual processes, which can be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve that efficiency. DevOps is of paramount importance in the iGaming market,

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Gaming operators are increasingly using AI to combat problem gambling

Responsible gaming is at the core of every operator’s business, and AI is helping Addiction to gambling and gaming in general is one of the problems faced by numerous players worldwide, in some cases with serious consequences, including economic ones. Compulsive gamblers, those who, despite the damage they cause themselves, are unable to set a

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iGaming operators are using artificial intelligence to enhance data protection

AI solutions offer better data protection and security for iGaming operations The protection of personal data is enhanced by the rapid development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), as its use necessarily involves the processing of massive data, including different categories of personal data. iGaming operators are taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology to have

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators manage workflows

It's increasingly easier for gaming operators to fulfill their objectives through artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is being leveraged by a number of operators in the iGaming industry in many ways and with varying degrees of success. Workflow is undoubtedly a factor that must be effective if a company is to have a stable operation.

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Darktrace’s new AI-based cyberattack tool can help iGaming platforms stay protected

Artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing to provide better protection for iGaming operations Cybersecurity with artificial intelligence (AI), supported by machine learning, is set to be a powerful tool in the looming future. AI, as a set of predictive and self-learning techniques, helps to improve cybersecurity in the iGaming industry. In order to further reinforce this

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AI is helping iGaming operators conduct cross-border payments easier

Settling payments with software and games providers is simpler with artificial intelligence The security and efficiency of international cross-border transactions in the iGaming industry are being greatly enhanced by the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). While this futuristic technology once had a reputation as science fiction, AI has begun to make strides in a rapidly

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iGaming operators are using artificial intelligence to help with influencer marketing

AI is providing a wealth of knowledge and tools to assist iGaming marketing efforts With over 3.6 billion users on social media, it has become one of the most effective channels to connect with your audience and generate conversions for your business. Influencer marketing brings greater emotional intensity to advertising campaigns, and artificial intelligence (AI)

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