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Artificial intelligence levels the playing field in the online gaming space

AI-based solutions are providing a greater amount of fairness in online games Online casinos have become an ever-growing industry for some time now. Undoubtedly, technology has helped the industry grow exponentially to become what many know it as today. And the advances in the online casino space do not stop. Every time, new functionalities are

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iGaming operators find more benefits in AI for customer support

Artificial intelligence is making it easier than ever for iGaming operators to improve customer attention Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the way different industries work. Experts believe that in the next few years, a point may be reached where it will be impossible to distinguish between a human and an AI-based agent. iGaming operators

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators draft solid contracts

AI is ensuring iGaming operators have better legal protection as they create new deals Today there are industries whose companies have contracts for everything. To get an idea, there are different online casinos that can manage hundreds of contracts simultaneously. These contracts often accumulate without much organization or structure around them. To manage them, companies

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AI-based Genius Sports teams up with Bally’s online gaming platform

Genius Sports is leveraging its AI solutions across the entire iGaming spectrum The iGaming market is now evidencing a great joining of forces after artificial intelligence (AI) based Genius Sports announced its new data agreement with Bally's Interactive, the digital gaming unit of casino operator Bally's. The financial terms of the deal are not yet

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New AI-based authentication platform could help iGaming operators become more secure

Honey Badger's AI-based fraud protection can provide advanced authentication security Honey Badger, a fraud prevention platform, knows how important protection is in the iGaming industry. That is why it has now decided to design an easy way to authenticate people, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The innovative user authentication approach has been

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New AI-based ransomware product can help iGaming operators protect their networks

Avast has developed a stronger AI-based cyber defense solution to block ransomware Being well protected online is essential these days. Hackers and malware are becoming more and more common, especially when it comes to the iGaming industry. That is why if there is one type of essential software that many operators need on their servers,

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iGaming operators increasingly turn to AI for web development

AI is streamlining the website building process to give iGaming operators greater flexibility Artificial intelligence (AI) applications not only make the operation of your website clear and intuitive, but also allow the online experience to be more complete and personalized. Any iGaming operator who wishes to have a platform capable of attracting the attention of

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iGaming operators continue to find good reasons to use AI to detect online fraud

Artificial intelligence can rapidly detect and report fraud in iGaming operations Online casinos are using artificial intelligence (AI) not only as a tool to improve customer experience, but also to protect themselves from fraud. Operators in the iGaming industry are not only using AI to protect the integrity of their operations but also to find

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Stats Perform enhances artificial intelligence data deal with Spain’s LaLiga

The sports data company's AI solutions will enhance the sports betting experience Stats Perform has extended its strategic partnership with Spain's LaLiga to collect and manage official player statistics and live data from the top divisions of Spanish soccer. The platform relies on the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to be its data aggregator, and

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iGaming operators turn to artificial intelligence to improve business operations

AI increases efficiency and reduces unnecessary resource usage for iGaming operators Artificial intelligence (AI) emulates the human intelligence process that involves extracting meaningful knowledge and patterns and predicting plausible future decisions. AI has established encapsulation of everything from rule-based machine learning to image classification. In this segment, the applications range from high-level cybersecurity threat prevention

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