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A new online sportsbook takes advantage of AI to give bettors an improved experience

Online sportsbooks and iGaming operators are turning to artificial intelligence to boost customer interaction SB22 is aware that artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential tool for creating innovations never seen before. With the intention of providing a better experience to its user base, the online sportsbook has launched a virtual reality betting platform based on

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AI-based payments solution offers iGaming operators more security

Artificial intelligence in the payments space provides a major safety net for gaming operators The trend of online transactions is growing, and with it, the need to ensure consumer security. Therefore, artificial intelligence (AI) software provider Robobai has joined forces with B2B payment processing company Boost Payment Solutions to provide operators in the iGaming industry

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Marketing campaigns led by iGaming operators are now built around AI

Artificial intelligence is proving overwhelmingly beneficial to iGaming operators' marketing efforts Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by many operators in the iGaming market to optimize a large part of their operations. Marketing has not been left out of this trend. AI in digital marketing currently helps online casinos to simplify and automate processes to better

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Sports betting platform turns to AI to improve the betting experience

WagerWire is using artificial intelligence to give bettors enhanced data The world of sports betting continues to grow, and this has led to more and more platforms wanting to join the list. With the level of competition increasing as the trend continues, some operators are looking to enter into strategic alliances to keep their operations

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The gaming industry is making advanced analytics better through AI

Compiling and interpreting data is paramount to solid operations for the gaming industry Highly skilled data scientists and analytics professionals are in short supply as organizations struggle to find solutions to increasingly complex business problems. In this environment, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions present themselves as ideal propositions. They are built for speed

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Artificial intelligence is creating marketing automation for gaming operators

The gaming ecosystem changes rapidly, and AI is helping operators keep up The new digital marketing is focused on every touch point of the digital user journey, not just the quality or price of the product for digital commerce. Digital commerce strategies, such as the use of social media, SEO, search, email marketing or content

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iGaming operators are using AI to protect players’ data and money

Artificial intelligence allows gaming operators to better control their platforms In the last few months, the number of cyber threats has increased, this hand in hand with the growing use of technological tools by individuals and companies. Operators in the iGaming industry require security solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to predict and

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Artificial intelligence is speeding up payments for iGaming operators

AI is making it easier for iGaming operators to verify and complete online payments Incorporating technological tools and changes in consumer expectations have changed payment services. Today, thanks to technology, it is possible to make physical and digital payments through credit or debit cards, transfers, platforms, payment gateways or QR codes. Technology has also provided

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iGaming operators are using AI to predict consumer behavior

Being able to predict how consumers will act gives iGaming operators a huge advantage Operators in the iGaming industry are using artificial intelligence (AI) to develop new products and/or services as it allows them to detect what the market demands in a much faster and more agile way than in the past. The development of

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AI is helping iGaming operators improve their legal departments

Artificial intelligence offers an additional layer of protection and gives operators greater flexibility Companies expect their in-house legal departments will do more work today with less resources. One of the biggest problems facing departments is funding for technology and personnel. Artificial intelligence (AI) should be used in law, particularly in legal operations. This concept is

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