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The gambling industry is using AI to improve responsible gaming solutions

Responsible gaming is at the forefront of all iGaming operations, and AI is lending a hand Addiction to gambling and gaming, in general, is one of the problems faced by numerous players worldwide, in some cases with serious consequences, including economic ones. Compulsive gamblers, those who, despite the damage they cause themselves, are unable to

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AI continues to reshape how iGaming marketers plan their activity

The arrival of artificial intelligence is bringing innovative solutions to iGaming marketing departments One of the main areas of application of artificial intelligence (AI) is digital marketing, as it is a technology that greatly facilitates decision-making and the creation of digital strategies in a much more efficient way. Operators in the iGaming industry are constantly

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators maximize the value of customer data

Customer data is only valuable when used properly, and AI makes it possible The world of data integration has been changing for years. With more users coming to iGaming platforms, operators now need real-time access to their data more than ever. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can now more efficiently analyze large data sets

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AI is helping iGaming studios improve how they understand their customers

Future Anthem is making it easier for gaming operators to track user data through AI Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) make it the ideal tool to help iGaming studios improve their customer experience based on the data received and collected. Many brands in this sector have started to use this innovative technology to predict users'

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Artificial intelligence is eliminating fraud in the iGaming payments segment

AI is providing safety and security for iGaming payments the way no other solution can The payments ecosystem in the iGaming industry has become a priority, and operators continue to opt for artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions to shield against fraud. The volume of electronic sales and transactions is gradually and progressively increasing as supply grows

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A new online sportsbook takes advantage of AI to give bettors an improved experience

Online sportsbooks and iGaming operators are turning to artificial intelligence to boost customer interaction SB22 is aware that artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential tool for creating innovations never seen before. With the intention of providing a better experience to its user base, the online sportsbook has launched a virtual reality betting platform based on

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AI-based payments solution offers iGaming operators more security

Artificial intelligence in the payments space provides a major safety net for gaming operators The trend of online transactions is growing, and with it, the need to ensure consumer security. Therefore, artificial intelligence (AI) software provider Robobai has joined forces with B2B payment processing company Boost Payment Solutions to provide operators in the iGaming industry

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Marketing campaigns led by iGaming operators are now built around AI

Artificial intelligence is proving overwhelmingly beneficial to iGaming operators' marketing efforts Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by many operators in the iGaming market to optimize a large part of their operations. Marketing has not been left out of this trend. AI in digital marketing currently helps online casinos to simplify and automate processes to better

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Sports betting platform turns to AI to improve the betting experience

WagerWire is using artificial intelligence to give bettors enhanced data The world of sports betting continues to grow, and this has led to more and more platforms wanting to join the list. With the level of competition increasing as the trend continues, some operators are looking to enter into strategic alliances to keep their operations

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The gaming industry is making advanced analytics better through AI

Compiling and interpreting data is paramount to solid operations for the gaming industry Highly skilled data scientists and analytics professionals are in short supply as organizations struggle to find solutions to increasingly complex business problems. In this environment, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions present themselves as ideal propositions. They are built for speed

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