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New AI-based customer experience solution coming to Pennsylvania online casino

BetPARX is incorporating a new AI solution to give its users more entertainment BetPARX is known for being one of the leading online sports betting and casino applications in Pennsylvania. In an effort to continue to be recognized for its high quality, the platform has now announced the launch of a new tab called SPARX.

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AI is helping online casinos offer tailored games to consumers

Online gambling fans have different tastes, and AI allows iGaming operators to cater to them all Players in the iGaming industry are increasingly turning to brands that provide them with personalized offers, according to their tastes, interests and needs, and artificial intelligence (AI) is at the core of this. AI remains one of the main

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Network and security convergence through AI is protecting casinos better

Artificial intelligence-based network protection is a better option for iGaming operators The era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) means that physical and information technology (IT) security are no longer separate domains. Instead, everything is connected, and security leadership, teams, capabilities and technologies need to converge to navigate the changing risk

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Operational efficiency in casinos gets better through AI integration

Artificial intelligence helps iGaming operators save money and improve internal procedures What was science fiction just a few years ago is now a reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) is generating solutions that are becoming more and more integrated into everyday life. And it has also become a great ally for the exponential growth of companies, especially

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Artificial intelligence is helping gaming companies keep their offices secure

AI-based security and protection offer safety on several fronts for gaming operators Infrastructure security is the practice of protecting critical systems and assets against physical and cyber threats. From an IT standpoint, this typically includes hardware and software assets such as end-user devices, data center resources, network systems, and cloud resources. Companies in the gaming

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Artificial intelligence is delivering sophisticated results for iGaming customer service

AI-based customer service solutions allow gaming operators to improve the experience Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the CX (Customer Experience). It brings new tools that so far seem more efficient for solving problems, saving time and making decisions, but also to deepen the dialogue with customers and recognize emotions, tastes, intentions and preferences. This information

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AI-based CRM solution allows iGaming operators to track their goals

The platform allows the iGaming industry to better understand how their operations perform Optimove, a leading CRM marketing solution for the iGaming ecosystem, announced today the launch of World Cup Pulse. This industry benchmark tool is for iGaming operators, and allows them to use artificial intelligence (AI) to assess their performance against standard KPIs. Marketing

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AI is reducing cheating and identifying weaknesses in the iGaming space

Artificial intelligence is able to clearly identify holes for iGaming operators to plug You've probably interacted with artificial intelligence (AI) in one way or another, even at the best online casinos. AI is basically the use of machine learning to help users and operators in many areas. It collects data and user behavior and uses

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AI-based Lucinity is tackling money laundering in the online gaming payments space

Compliance with anti-money laundering protocols is at the forefront of all iGaming operations The variety of games in online casinos has long been an ideal target that was often misused for money laundering. Of course, this procedure is and always has been illegal, but nevertheless, "dirty money" was "cleaned" in casinos when it was played.

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AI is leading the way in CRM activity for iGaming operators

Customer management is improving through the use of artificial intelligence Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have been making life much easier for companies for years, thanks to the degree of automation that this technological tool achieves. With CRM, operators in the iGaming industry are relieving themselves of many routine functions that once took up most

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