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AI-based cybersecurity continues to improve to protect iGaming operators

Darktrace is improving artificial intelligence to offer better protection to online companies Artificial intelligence (AI) is trained by consuming billions of data artifacts from structured and unstructured sources, such as blogs and news publications. Through machine learning and deep learning techniques, AI improves knowledge to better "understand" cyber threats and risks in different online casinos.

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The casino industry is benefiting from AI-based accounts payable automation

Streamlining and securing payments is easier for casino operators through artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is generating incredible transformations in the way the casino industry operates, posing new challenges in the accounting function and accounts payable. Certainly, the financial area has also had to change its approach and role, thus leaving the pencil era in

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Video monitoring in casinos gets a boost through artificial intelligence

AI is capable of monitoring more activity simultaneously to better protect casinos The rapid spread of the use of video analytics in surveillance systems is due to a combination of technological and operational factors that are driving this well-established trend in the security market. This favors the evolution and availability of advanced video analysis algorithms

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AI continues to raise the bar in the iGaming ecosystem

There are a number of benefits artificial intelligence is bringing to the iGaming space Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking root in all aspects of human life, both in industrial and domestic activities. Among the areas that are undergoing a profound transformation is the iGaming industry. Within the casino business, one of the fastest growing industries

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Artificial intelligence is becoming the norm for gaming operators in preventing cyberattacks

AI can stop attacks much quicker than conventional alternatives Artificial intelligence (AI) strives to simulate human intelligence. It has immense potential in cybersecurity. If harnessed correctly, AI systems can be trained to generate threat alerts, identify new types of malware, and protect the sensitive data of organizations related to the iGaming industry. A medium-sized online

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A new AI-based sports betting app is coming from Moneyline Sports

The solution promises to deliver better data and better options for sports bettors Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be heavily used by technology companies to take their services to the next level. After announcing a partnership with Quarter4 Inc, Moneyline Sports is looking to offer sports bettors a new AI-based mobile betting application called BetWallet.

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Artificial intelligence is bringing instant ID checks to the iGaming industry

AI technology is making online gaming safer and more in line with regulators' demands The iGaming industry has been studying user behavior patterns and needs for a long time. More and more casino operators are working with software developers to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their gaming platforms to enhance the player experience. At the

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Autonomous robots are revolutionizing the iGaming experience

Artificial intelligence is taking over the online gaming space to improve operations If any industry is enjoying constant evolution, it has to be iGaming. Among the latest trends in this market are autonomous robots based on artificial intelligence (AI). With the implementation of these solutions, different online casino operators operate more efficiently, resulting in a

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AI is helping gaming operators prevent technical problems in the workplace

Artificial intelligence makes it easier for iGaming operators to monitor their equipment No industry sector or company transforms without implementing or modernizing its software to offer new digital services, conquer new markets and reduce operating costs. This constant improvement has led business organizations within the iGaming industry to invest millions of dollars a year. And

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