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AI-based predictive analytics are aiding the sports betting industry

Sportsbooks are getting a lot of positive benefits through artificial intelligence The sports betting universe has been affected lately by several technologies, the latest of which is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is not a new technology, so to speak; it has been around for years. But its impact has only been felt in a few

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AI is helping online casino operators lower their costs

Artificial intelligence is creating better efficiency and program development for iGaming operators There may be questions about whether artificial intelligence (AI) is a good fit for some business. However, one long-term goal that should not be ignored is the cost savings that can result from applying AI to specific parts of processes and tasks. Many

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AI is creating a safer environment for the online casino industry

Artificial intelligence is tackling online security in the iGaming space from a number of angles The digital age has created diverse opportunities and, at the same time, exposed new levels of cyber threats. It is impossible to deny that online security is an integral part of the iGaming industry that operators need to avoid falling

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Artificial intelligence is helping online casinos attract new users

AI is creating new methods to make it easier for iGaming operators to increase interest Today, marketers are increasingly prioritizing personalization to optimize customer loyalty by leveraging the power and reach of artificial intelligence (AI). These professionals now have more data on consumers than in the past. Now, the next step is to know how

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AI-based network intelligence is guiding the iGaming ecosystem

Protecting servers and network equipment is easier with artificial intelligence In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) applications have improved considerably around the world. With the growth of corporate activities at work, cloud computing became a central part of the AI evolution. Added to this, as gamers use their devices more frequently, operators in the iGaming

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Artificial intelligence is helping gaming operators improve their HR activity

AI-based solutions are making it easier for iGaming operators to manage personnel Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to the field of Human Resources involves the use of state-of-the-art digital technologies. Its implementation offers multiple benefits to those who work in this field, by allowing them to perform more efficient filtering according to the profiles of the

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operator optimize their marketing campaigns

Effective AI creativity enhances marketing efforts and targets individual consumers Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) develops computer systems that simulate the cognitive abilities of people, which are used to solve tasks quickly and accurately. In the field of business, various sectors have implemented this technological tool to obtain endless benefits when carrying out their activities. A

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AI and ML are making online gaming more enjoyable

Artificial intelligence allows iGaming operators to increase their attention to customers When companies started using social networks to launch their messages, many saw it as fun. Others simply found it ridiculous. But for marketers, it meant discovering how data helps to understand people's behavior. And, based on that information, building better customer experiences. Artificial intelligence

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AI cloud solution Symplify extends reach in the online gambling industry

Artificial intelligence will give NuxGame advanced tools to innovate the gaming space Symplify recently enhanced its social portfolio after securing a deal with NuxGame. The Stockholm-based company is a leader in the solutions market thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI) and CRM-based cloud platform. Its footprint within the iGaming market continues to grow and this

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AI is helping prevent fraud and cheating in online gaming

Cleaning up online gaming is one of the fundamental challenges of the industry Artificial intelligence (AI), in simple terms, is the ability of a robot or computer to perform human tasks. It has established its roots in human life and in all aspects. People still do not fully understand what AI does in the iGaming

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