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iGaming operators are using AI to improve digital creativity

Artificial intelligence allows iGaming operators to be more efficient with their marketing efforts In the popular imagination, artificial intelligence (AI) was supposed to be dispassionate artifacts, driven only by reason, unable to sense, joke, make mistakes or be creative. But the reality has turned out to be different. The latest AI algorithms are quite good

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AI and DAST are helping iGaming operators tackle security risks

Artificial intelligence and security testing help software developers create safer gaming solutions Dynamic application security testing (DAST) has been greatly supported since the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). Both tools have been combined to enable developers to test and validate open-source software more effectively. Thanks to this, iGaming operators can further automate testing tasks and

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AI is improving fraud prevention for online casinos

Artificial intelligence makes it easier for iGaming operators to identify potential fraud and scams Like most types of crime, fraud has been around for centuries. Counterfeiting, scams, and schemes have been around long before computers were invented, but the digital age has taken fraud to a new level of sophistication and global reach. As the

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Online sportsbooks are getting the most out of AI to improve payouts

Artificial intelligence is improving payment transactions for gaming operators In today's world, speed and dynamism are part of everyday life and are key value drivers. Against this backdrop, the "I want it now" culture puts great pressure on all industries, especially in iGaming, where players want their online payments to be delivered immediately. The ever-increasing

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators with their ESG policies

Enhancing attention to environmental concerns is improved with artificial intelligence ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria inspire new management practices, in which concern for the environment is on par with financial concerns. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to comply with the new regulations and consumer demands in the iGaming industry. There are more

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iGaming operators are making the most of AI to improve customer support

Artificial intelligence is raising the bar on how online casinos address customer satisfaction Technological evolution, demographic changes, artificial intelligence (AI) in customer support, transformations in the world of work and globalization are factors that are shaping society and radically impacting the way people consume. The cognitive era is the revolution of technology applied to business.

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Artificial intelligence is creating better live dealer games for online casinos

Software development by iGaming operators is reaching new heights through AI Both land-based casinos and online gaming platforms are a clear examples of an industry that has been able to benefit from technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI). The sector has made efforts to find out the possibilities of AI to offer more sophisticated

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AI and ML are taking over online casino game development

Artificial intelligence is making it easier for iGaming companies to deliver new products Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) develops computer systems that simulate the cognitive abilities of people, which are used to solve tasks quickly and accurately. In the iGaming industry, game developers have implemented this technological tool and machine learning (ML) to obtain endless benefits

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The CEO of Mobinc understands the role of AI in iGaming

Artificial intelligence is becoming a primary asset for iGaming innovation Strategies in the iGaming industry to offer a personalized, bigger and more attractive service have grown at a proportional pace, especially as players become more and more demanding. According to Sergei Belikov, CEO of Mobinc, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, proving to this

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“Generative AI” is proving vital to iGaming marketing

The next phase of artificial intelligence innovation is a game-changer for online casinos The rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be a major game changer for companies within the iGaming industry. This technology, which enables the creation of original content by learning from existing data, has the power to revolutionize this

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