The casino industry is going to undergo changes this year unlike anything seen before

The gambling industry has been at the center of technological developments in recent years, especially with the boom of online gaming. Emerging technologies are finding testing grounds in online casinos, which are always in fierce competition to attract more customers. One of the goals of online casinos is to provide their customers with a solid and engaging experience that will make them return to play. Besides the usual casino bonuses, payment methods and quality customer service that are the main focus of all casinos, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are paving the way for a year full of technological development.

The biggest impact most likely will come from virtual reality (VR). There are technology companies that are already developing VR slots and table games, and soon there will be a whole virtual casino scene. This kind of service can allow real-world social interaction with other players also playing in the same virtual casino. It promotes a new way of socializing with public and private chats and the option to add other players as friends. Another big change is the switch to mobile gaming, which enables other features that computers can provide, such as the easiness when making payments and other social features.

VR is also paving the way to change the way in which online gaming is perceived. New online casinos in 2020 will integrate this technology gradually. Companies like NetEnt and Microgaming have been experimenting with a few VR games like roulette and Jack and the Beanstalk and Gonzo’s Quest slots. The end of this year is expected to have these games and more games available now that VR glass prices are going down to affordable prices.

Another big effect caused by new technological additions is the type of customers engaging in online gaming. VR slots and themed slots machines that offer modern and engaging games are drawing more women and younger adults, which historically have not been the common profile of a casino customer.