The digital age is going to take a huge leap forward, and AI is going to be part of it

The arrival of 5G technology is imminent, and major metropolitan areas are already running 5G services while the technology is making advancements to more rural communities. Despite controversies revolving around this technology, this is great news for people who constantly struggle with the speed of their Internet connections, so companies are already taking steps into integrating their software systems to work with this digital influx. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all about processing and analyzing data and 5G is all about data transmission; therefore, the arrival of 5G is also bringing major benefits to the power of AI in several industries, including the gambling sector.

The most obvious improvement will be in how much data can be sent and received within a given period. 5G has the potential to transmit up to ten gigabytes of data per second. This is a major leap forward for those people who enjoy playing and gambling online at casinos and sportsbooks. With more technological advancements the complexity of each game increases and until 5G arrived, there were no resources to support more intricate games. Now, developers can spend more time making their games more entertaining and not concerned about how heavy the features are going to be at the end, as 5G can ensure the data is being transmitted fast enough.

The integration of AI also represents a major investment in computer power, so the deployment of any new application will be smoother thanks to the speed of 5G data transmission. One sector of the online gambling industry that is quite popular is the live dealer services, as casinos try to bring a sense of realism to their services. This service relies on the stability of the Internet to deliver quality service, which can also be helped by 5G. The increased presence of 5G technology will open more possibilities in regard to the games themselves and how much entertainment they can provide. Mobile games and apps are being benefited, as well, especially those users with outdated operating systems who frequently run into problems.