Innovative artificial intelligence options continue to arrive to help iGaming operators

Programmatic advertising seems to be a new solution coming into the hands of many operators in the iGaming industry. This is thanks to the innovative custom audience solutions company, Dstillery. With revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) powered targeting technology, ID-free Custom AI has the ability to allow operators to reach their customers in an efficient manner without the need to go down the route of user tracking.

Dstillery has created and patented the design of this technology, which accomplishes its functions by reaching ad impressions rather than users across all Internet browsers. iGaming operators will now have the ability to deliver ad performance that rivals today’s best cookie-based solutions without the need to use IDs.

This new category of behavioral targeting using AI has the tools to predict the likelihood of conversion based on privacy-safe signals such as URL, DMA and time of day. The future of digital advertising is constantly evolving, and that is why a company like Dstillery has focused on an industry whose advertising must be highly effective and efficient.

“In a future without third-party cookies, brands will have to deliver a substantial proportion of all digital advertising impressions without user identifiers,” said Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist, Dstillery. “This creates a clear need for solutions that deliver efficient targeting and scale, the two main reasons advertisers invest in digital advertising, regardless of the presence of a user identifier. ID-free Custom AI addresses this need today, allowing advertisers to identify the most valuable impressions for their brands while achieving a high ROI.”