Ad-Lib is producing a next-generation digital ad platform built around artificial intelligence

Technology keeps coming up with unimaginable innovations, which fits perfectly for the needs of many casinos today. As informed, has made the announcement of a next-generation version of its creative management platform. This is a new opportunity for the iGaming industry and its marketing to make new use of the technology provided through artificial intelligence (AI).

This platform, which is currently being used by several casino operators, shows a breakthrough with respect to advertising. It is becoming a necessary and fundamental tool for marketing specialists and entrepreneurs to make their work easier, faster and with better digital creativity. These traits are more important than ever as the iGaming space continues to become more competitive.

The latest version of, with a strong AI-based foundation, aims to streamline the process of getting ads from “big idea” to activation by unifying creative production workflows and even media activation across all channels into a single platform, which means that the iGaming markets can now put aside all those key challenges that have once complicated the execution of their digital advertising.

Once marketers in this industry can handle this AI-based platform, they will begin to be able to create reusable creative concepts, and thus have a better handle on several aspects, including the ability to align the respective creative with the audience, the target format, and the channel. Through AI, ad creation will now become automated, while still adhering to the appeals of the gamblers that visit online casinos. This makes the advertising market more effective and much more relevant in reaching the target audience’s perception.