The solution promises to deliver better data and better options for sports bettors

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be heavily used by technology companies to take their services to the next level. After announcing a partnership with Quarter4 Inc, Moneyline Sports is looking to offer sports bettors a new AI-based mobile betting application called BetWallet. This new solution will be available for real money wagering in select states in the coming months in both the US and Canada.

Money Line Sports is a gaming technology provider and digital media company that always aims for excellence. To achieve that goal, the firm has joined forces with Toronto-based Quarter4 Inc. The result of the alliance will see the development of the Moneyline Bet Wallet mobile betting application before 2022 comes to an end.

BetWallet will be considered the first sports betting aggregator application in which instant access to all major sports betting services will be enabled. This is easily achieved through one registration and one wallet.

This disruptive platform works with any sportsbook as long as it is licensed in its respective jurisdiction. In a single application, users will be able to find sports betting content, including live odds, real-time game streaming, betting alerts and historical data to help fans make better betting choices.

By accessing Quarter4’s predictions, the new partnership between Moneyline Sports and Quarter4 will enable novice and veteran users to bring sports betting content to life through an automatically generated and validated deep learning neural network. With a daily output of up to two million predictions, the unbiased insights offer an intimate point of view for the bettor and fan.