AI is making it increasingly easier for companies to secure their equipment

Artificial intelligence (AI) has started to become a resource that many companies have relied on to eliminate all types of threats. In an effort to provide a solution on another level, LogicHub has announced the arrival of AuDRA (Autonomous Detection and Response Assistant). This is considered the industry’s first solution that applies AI-powered threat search bots. With it, many of the operators in the iGaming industry will manage to proactively detect threats and anomalies. and unlimited security event attacks on network, cloud, endpoint and hybrid data sources.

The pioneer in the application of advanced automation, machine learning and AI is the first to apply this type of bot technology in an effort to automate the process of creating threat detection playbooks. As a result, many online casinos will be able to augment security teams and avoid falling victim to any type of attack on their platforms.

LogicHub AuDRA addresses challenges such as overburdened, under-resourced security teams dealing with threats and alerts from dozens of legacy security products and false positives. To achieve this, the innovation applies advanced AI, machine learning and automation. The idea is to be able to distinguish threats from millions of security events and take action to stop attacks at machine speed and scale.

“Companies across the globe are realizing that they need a different solution to the ever-evolving threat landscape along with a growing staffing shortage,” said Kumar Saurabh, CEO and co-founder of LogicHub. “The scale of our environments will only get more complex, with more data, so we need to automate as much as possible.”