Land-based casinos have an innovative solution to manage their payments

Land-based casinos are becoming more and more modern, increasing the experience of their public and unveiling new innovations that attract the attention of many., a technology company that offers artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, has now come to help that cause with the launch of Sovereign. This is considered the first fully integrated standalone cashless platform in the land-based casino environment completed developed.

The new Sovereign innovation comes with an integrated platform with SmartCard, Cashier, Credit Push to Gaming Machine and TiTo functionality, as well as the Butler Open/Closed Loop Cashless application. This platform takes care of integrating into the existing casino environment or can be operated completely in parallel or even without a casino management system.

Its functions are very user-friendly, which is extremely beneficial for the operators and the team behind the integration. Through Sovereign, AXES Media is also looking to create a new and growing revenue stream from media and advertising.

“AXES understands that casinos must migrate to cashless quickly and navigate through the significant limitations of their current legacy systems,” said Earle G. Hall, president and CEO. “Sovereign bridges that gap to ensure that it can adapt to the rapidly evolving cashless market without delay or constraints from legacy systems.”

On the other hand, Rosalinda Bridle, chief product officer of, adds that the casino industry is in high need of platforms that offer these types of services as it is helpful in capturing new niche markets and a large customer base. Sovereign has the ability to adapt to all environments to ensure that casinos can quickly and easily migrate to cashless.