Adcore’s Alerter app provides greater oversight of networks for gaming operations

The proliferation of devices, data, and people has made network infrastructure management more complex than ever before. Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in reducing the complexity of growing IT networks. Leading eCommerce advertising management and automation platform, Adcore, wants to provide extra help to the iGaming industry. To that end, it announced the launch of its new Alerter app, a 24/7 user-friendly digital asset. This monitoring tool falls under the growing family of Adcore Marketing Cloud applications.

All digital assets, from data sources to websites, advertising accounts, and other online assets, are monitored by the Alerter application. As a result, iGaming operators can get a 24/7 status overview including in-app or email notifications whenever an action is required.

Alerts include account suspensions, online platform downtime, ad spend drops, rejected ads, and much more. Based on the operators’ preferences, the application can be customized to only send alerts on events it deems relevant to its operations.

“Adcore continues to be at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, with a focus on delivering ground-breaking e-commerce marketing tools to our customers,” said Adcore’s CEO, Omri Brill. “Alerter app gives online marketers peace of mind knowing their digital assets are being constantly monitored while helping them to maximize revenue and minimize unnecessary risks.”

With the help of AI, this application can detect anomalies in time series with a correlation that allows network and marketing experts to quickly find relationships between events that would not be obvious, even to an experienced specialist. In addition, the AI-based solution can record and save data prior to an event or unwanted failure, which helps speed troubleshooting.