Graphyte promises to give operators a unique ability never before offered

The iGaming market can feel fortunate to know that ultimately the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to further enhance all of its platforms. Graphyte, the sports betting gaming innovation studio, knows that the market still faces some needs, which is why it has developed what it believes is the world’s first “fit-for-purpose” search engine specifically designed for the betting and gaming markets.

Many know that today it can be quite tedious to research gambling and betting data using traditional search engines, as it is too difficult to weed through all the paid and fed links to finally come up with the real and desired information. All that will be a thing of the past after the advent of AI-powered Smart Search. The idea of this search engine is to emphasize the information related to betting games in order to provide better and more coherent results. By means of this patented solution, a large amount of data related to sports gambling and casino can be indexed, making all the results displayed a proper fit for the gambling industry.

Reportedly, its effectiveness and efficiency are excellent, as this AI-based search engine is able to return more than 500,000 appropriate results in less than ten milliseconds. Damien Evans, CEO of Graphyte, says, “Naturally, we are very excited to bring this to market, closing a big problem for so many operators with such simple integration and so many attractive features, at a price point that makes it a no-brainer.”

There is no doubt that many online casino operators will now be able to count on an effective search engine for their players, which adds an exponential improvement to any user’s experience.