Online sportsbooks and iGaming operators are turning to artificial intelligence to boost customer interaction

SB22 is aware that artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential tool for creating innovations never seen before. With the intention of providing a better experience to its user base, the online sportsbook has launched a virtual reality betting platform based on this technology. Users of this platform will now have a new solution with which they can entertain in a unique way.

The platform aims to offer an extremely immersive user experience, which is the result of a combination of intuitive betting capabilities and 360-degree live game streaming. Using the group’s proprietary transactional platform, it is possible to adapt the game for real money betting or free play mode.

By placing fans in the best seats at a match, AI-based technology gives them the possibility to have real-time and direct interaction. As a result, users have the ability to place various bets, such as on the next play, win team merchandise and branded NFTs and participate in in-game contests.

“The VR22 interactive experience is simple and intuitive, using hand-tracking tools and generating system-generated personalized promotions and retention offers using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities,” a statement from SB22 read. “The product is geared towards sports betting operators, leagues, and professional sports teams, but the potential application of this tech extends far beyond these verticals.”

SB22 CTO Marko Savkovic says the company has brought together the best in programming and engineering to create a never-before-seen platform. All of them have years of experience in the sports betting industry, knowledge of VR and financial technology expertise to make the immersive platform unmatched in the market.